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  1. EURUSD Shrugs Off PMI Innuendoes
  2. FX on Standby Till Monday
  3. Expectations High for todays Eurogroup Meeting
  4. Risk on the Run Due to Greek Bailout Concerns
  5. China to Europes Rescue
  6. Greece Package Rejection May Derail Recent Euro Optimism
  7. Waiting on the BoE and ECB
  8. Troika Deadline Looms
  9. RBA Holds Rates at 4.25%
  10. Aid Talks Stall in Athens
  11. Markets Upbeat after Greek Austerity Vote
  12. Second Greek Bailout Package Pass Eurogroup
  13. Moodys Downgrades Dents Risk Appetite
  14. Traders Watching EURCHF for SNBs Response
  15. Global PMIs Spark Optimisms Over Growth
  16. Stalled Greece Negotiations Will Weigh On Euro Going Forward
  17. Worries of Europes Immediate Collapse Dissipates
  18. Greece Rejects Greater EU Oversight
  19. Swiss KoF Goes Negative
  20. Fed Initiate Explicit Inflation Target
  21. Waiting on a Potentially Less Dovish Fed
  22. SNBs Danthine To Speak
  23. Year of the Dragon Off to a Slow Start
  24. Strong Auction Results and PSI talks in Greece Support Risk
  25. A Possible Greek Deal Gives EUR Bulls Hope
  26. Fitchs Comments Hurt Sentiment
  27. China’s GDP Gives Risk a Much Needed Boost
  28. Markets Digests S&P Rating Actions
  29. European Auctions Inspires Risk Taking
  30. All Eyes on ECB
  31. Directional FX Price Action on Standby
  32. China’s trade balance Support Risk Appetite
  33. Sarkozy & Merkel to Meet
  34. Non-Farm Payrolls Dominate FX Market Focus
  35. Mounting Tension in Persian Gulf Could Push Gold Above $1700
  36. EURUSD Rally Expected To Be Short-Lived After PMI Releases Conclude
  37. Markets Slowly Reopen
  38. FX Markets Welcome 2012
  39. Final Trading Day of the Year
  40. Events in the Gulf Not Helping Calm Investors Nerves
  41. Oil Firms on Iran Threat
  42. Waiting on US Confidence Report
  43. FX Markets Are Range Bound
  44. Markets Feeling the Holiday Season
  45. European Sentiment Remains Under Pressure, But US Debt Concerns Are Building
  46. All Eyes on ECBs LTRO
  47. RBA Sounds Less Dovish then Expected
  48. Kim Jong-Il Dies & Asian Currencies Weaken
  49. FX Market Enter Holiday Mode
  50. SNB - All Talk No Action
  51. Risk Appetite and EURUSD Fall
  52. Markets Unconvinced and Pulls Risk Back
  53. Post EU Summit Optimism Fading
  54. Waiting for a EU Solution
  55. Central Bank Meetings In Europe Loom
  56. Markets Waiting for Europes Grand Plan
  57. S&P Damages Risk Rally
  58. Another “Last Chance” For Europe
  59. Talk of a Tighter Fiscal Union Supports Risk Appetite
  60. Risk Currencies Supported by Central Bank Action
  61. Risk Rally Ends as Confidence in Policy Makers Fades
  62. Market Await Results of Italy's Auction
  63. Rumors of an IMF Package Gives EUR a Boost
  64. Bunds Under Pressure & Italian Yields Jump
  65. FX Risk Consolidates In Thin Holiday Market
  66. China's Weak PMI Has Markets Concerned
  67. US “Super Committee” Fails to Agree
  68. Attention Shifts to US Fiscal Deficit and “Super Committee”
  69. Sovereign Bond Markets Continue To Attract Attention
  70. UK Retail Sales Provide One Bright Spot For The UK This Week
  71. Signs of Contagion in Europe Increase
  72. Risk Rally Fades as Italian Yields Creep Higher
  73. Markets Focused on Italian Auction
  74. Solutions to Greek and Italian Political Uncertainly Calming Nerves
  75. Politics Put Europe Under Further Stress
  76. Market Watching Italian Yields Cautiously
  77. Italian Yields Climb Higher but EUR is Not Bothered
  78. Greece Forms New Coalition Government
  79. Waiting on NFP, G20 & Greek Confidence Vote
  80. All Eyes on Draghi and the ECB
  81. Greek Referendum Pledge puts FX in Risk Reduction Mode
  82. Mr. Papandreou Calls for Referendum
  83. Japan's MoF Intervenes
  84. Broad Risk Rally After EU Summit’s Announcement
  85. EU Summit Provides a Plan
  86. EURUSD Firms Ahead of EU Summit
  87. FX Participation Low Ahead of EU Summit
  88. FX Markets Trade on an Optimistic Outlook
  89. Waiting on European Policy Makers
  90. Doubtful of a Higher EURCHF “Floor”
  91. Moody’s Downgrades Spain
  92. Markets Lower Expectations for EU Summit
  93. Markets Positive on a Potential European Plan
  94. IMF to Europes Rescue?
  95. Optimism in Europe Grows, Supporting Risk Sentiment
  96. Waiting on Barroso & FOMC Minutes
  97. Critical Vote In Slovakia
  98. Russia Ready To Buy Spanish Bonds, But Eurozone Salvation Not Assured
  99. As BoE Shifts Back To QE, Will Gold’s Rally Resume?
  100. EU’s Barosso Promises Bank Recapitalisation, Focus Remains On ECB
  101. Optimism Around Europe Fades
  102. Risk Reduction Dominates as Policy Makers Fail to Act
  103. FX Market Waiting for Policy Makers Response
  104. SNB Currency Reserve Diversification Into Sterling Makes Sense
  105. Policymakers Ratchet Up the Rhetoric
  106. Progress in Europe Takes a Step-Back
  107. Leverage EFSF Concept Gains Traction
  108. Markets Fade Risk Rally as IMF Fails to Provide Solutions
  109. A Pause in Risk Reduction
  110. Fed Launch “Operation Twist”
  111. BoE Minutes Reveal Much More Dovish Bias, Norges Bank Decision Due
  112. Focus Remains On Greece Talks, Build Up To Wednesday’s FOMC Meeting Begins
  113. Liquidity Measures Are Not A Long-Term Solution For Europe
  114. SNB Will Aggressively Defend CHF Ceiling
  115. Merkel, Sarkozy & Papandreou Talks Dominate The Spotlight
  116. European Debt Woes Dominate, UK Inflation Hits 4.5%
  117. FX Remains Nervous about Greece Default Risk
  118. Pressure Mounts on Greece
  119. Risk Appetite Fragile as Events Loom Large
  120. Still Pondering the SNBs Action
  121. SNB Sets EURCHF Floor at 1.2000
  122. USD Gains as Sentiment is Decidedly Bearish
  123. Upcoming Non-Farm Payrolls Dominate FX Market Attention
  124. Switzerland GDP Justifies Safe-Haven Status, SNB Will Lose Fight To Weaken CHF
  125. US Economic Data Decidedly Gloomy, But Implications For The Dollar More Complex
  126. FOMC Minutes May Provide Early Clues To September’s Crucial Fed Meeting
  127. September Fed Meeting Unlikely To Yield QE3
  128. Jackson Hole Imminent, European Markets Jittery
  129. QE3 Announcement Unlikely At Jackson Hole
  130. Poor Eurozone Data Emphasizes Ongoing Troubles
  131. Currency Appreciation Still Causing Headaches For Japan, Switzerland
  132. FX Market Attention Turns To Bernanke Speech At Jackson Hole
  133. US Headed Back Towards Recession?
  134. Inflation Data Abounds, But Attention Remains On CHF-Peg Rumours
  135. SNB Fails To Deliver Currency Peg
  136. Euro-Zone Q2 GDP Disappoints
  137. Speculation of Swiss Peg to the Euro Gains Traction
  138. French GDP Looks Worryingly Weak
  139. Markets Better Today, Rumors of Swiss Banker Plan to Curb CHF
  140. Markets Have a Suspicious Calm
  141. Markets remain highly volatile and uncertainty abounds
  142. FX Markets Cautiously Stable as S&P Downgrades the US
  143. Focus Remains on US Debt Ceiling Debate
  144. Debate on US debt Ceiling Pressures Global Equities
  145. US Debt Ceiling Deadlock Sends USDJPY Lower, Japanese Officials Irked At JPY Strength
  146. Potential US Debt Ceiling Accord Triggers Marginal Relief Rally
  147. Growth fears Leads to Broad Sell-off
  148. SNB Moves in to Weaken the CHF
  149. Currency Wars - Part Deux: Revenge of the Safe Havens
  150. Global Equities Slump, Sentiment Hinges On Today’s US Payrolls
  151. USD Suffers as Politicians Fight
  152. EU & US Sovereign Concerns Erode Risk Appetite
  153. EU Summit Conclusions Should Boost EURUSD Above 1.4500
  154. European Credit Concerns Go Global
  155. Chinese Data Gives Market Hope
  156. Moody Announcement Puts the Focus Back on the US
  157. Waiting on EU Bank Stress-Test Results
  158. Focus Back on EU Debt Crisis & Policy Makers Approach
  159. Nervous Trading Ahead of Thursdays EU Summit
  160. One-Day and Counting Till the EU Summit
  161. Waiting for Today’s EU Summit Outcome
  162. Worries over Italy’s Commitment to Austerity Weighs on EUR
  163. Waiting on US Payrolls
  164. Finally, a day packed with events and economic data!
  165. Portugal’s Relegation to Junk Reminds Markets of EUR Risks
  166. Undisclosed Chinese Debt Spooks Traders
  167. Risk Appetite Cools Slightly on S&P Warning
  168. "Risk On" Ahead of Long US Weekend
  169. Summer Risk Rally in Effect
  170. Markets Focus on Greece
  171. Positive News Flow & Optimistic Expectations Support EUR
  172. Greek Crisis Still Rolling & Evidence of Contagion Mounting
  173. Agreement On Greek Austerity Boosts Sentiment, But Effect May Be Temporary
  174. Optimism Over Greek Vote Fades
  175. ACM: Greek Government Survives…for Now
  176. Waiting on Greek Confidence Vote Results
  177. Events in Greece Hurt Risk Appetite
  178. Uncertainty Around Greece Remains
  179. Safe-Haven Flows Dominate
  180. Lack of Agreement Triggers EUR Weakness
  181. China Still Focused on Inflation
  182. Risk Appetite Suppressed Ahead Of Key Data Events Due This Week
  183. EURUSD Weaker on ECB Statement
  184. ECB, RBNZ, BOE Rates – Soft US Data And Trichet Press Conference
  185. FX Traders Waiting for Tomorrows ECB Meeting
  186. Still on Track for a EU / IMF Sponsored Bailout of Greece
  187. EURO Rallies in Post-NFP Trading
  188. Expect the Unexpected from NFP
  189. Waiting for US Payrolls
  190. Overall Greek News flow is EUR Positive
  191. WSJ Article Heralds a Turning Point in this Phase of the Greece Crisis
  192. Comments Erode EUROs Gains
  193. Swiss Franc Hits Record Highs
  194. Risk Appetite Returns....Marginally
  195. FX Markets Waiting for New Information
  196. EU Troubles Remain
  197. Pressure on Europe Continues
  198. Linkedin IPO Grabs the Spotlight from the Eurozone
  199. Unresolved Issues in Greece Keep Trading Choppy
  200. USD Falls Marginally in Asian Trading
  201. A "Kind of Reprofiling"
  202. Weekends Headlines Sink EURO
  203. German Growth Rejuvenates EURO
  204. Speculation Mounts On Greece’s Future
  205. Greece Heading For Second Bailout?
  206. Rating Agencies Knock Greece
  207. Speculation on Greek Secession
  208. ECB Attempts to Fine-Tune Policy
  209. ECB Rate Announcement Today
  210. USD Bulls Focus on ADP & Fed Speakers
  211. Inflation Still A Concern, But RBA Unlikely To Hike Until July
  212. USD Gains and Precious Metals Drop
  213. CHF Surges on SNB Hawkish Comments
  214. …and endless liquidity for all.
  215. FX Risk Appetite Surges & the FOMC on Deck
  216. USD Strength on Trichets Comments are Short Lived
  217. The Week Ahead Will Prove Crucial For USD Bears
  218. US Corporate Earnings Help Risk Appetite Rally
  219. Fears of Greek Restructuring Subside & Risk Appetite returns
  220. Greek Rumors Driving FX
  221. Finland’s Vote Hurts EURO
  222. EURUSD Stays Buoyant In Spite Of Eurozone Debt Issues
  223. Heavy Calendar Tomorrow Keeps FX Subdued Today
  224. FX Markets Wait For More Data
  225. News From Japan Unnerves FX Markets
  226. USD Fails to Gain on US Budget Agreement
  227. AUDUSD Hits New Highs As Risk Assets Rally
  228. Portugal Turns to the EU for a Bailout
  229. Gold Rallies & JPY drops
  230. News Flow Weighs on EUR
  231. FX Risk Appetite Improves on Global Recovery Story
  232. Hawkish Fed Comments Signal A Key Shift In Sentiment
  233. FX Markets Waiting for Results of Irish Stress Test
  234. Risk Appetite Firms & Markets Await ADP Report
  235. FX Markets are Adrift
  236. Merkel Takes a Political Hit & EUR Suffers
  237. Forex Markets Feel Tired
  238. Events in Portugal Pressuring EURO
  239. EU Peripheral Crisis Comes Back into Focus
  240. FX Markets Waiting on UK inflation Data
  241. Risk Appetite Returns as the Situation in Japan Stabilizes
  242. Corrodinated G7 Intervention
  243. Possibility of a Coordinated G7 Intervention Increase
  244. Equity Markets Rally but Traders Remain Cautions
  245. Flight to Safety Sends Equities Lower
  246. EURUSD Thrives On EU Summit Developments
  247. Earthquake in Japan Grabs the Markets Attention
  248. China Posts a Trade Deficit & Moodys Downgrades Spain
  249. Greek Sovereign Worries Take Center Stage
  250. FX Markets are Range-Bound as News Flow Thins

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