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    Default Hi there, I`m new to forex

    I am new to forex and would like to get a good Expert Adviser. I heard about FAP Turbo, but it's not good. I saw the robot on and am wondering if it really so good. Can anyway tell me if I should buy it or not. Thanks.

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    Default Forex Trading Strategy

    To be a succesful Forex trader in the long run, trader has to have a definite Forex trading strategy. Once the strategy is established a trader can buy software based on technical analysis and apply their strategy on software. Just working directly and relying on software will amount to speculation.

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    Hi... Everyone was once new in forex.

    I also started around 2 years ago...

    Getting amazing hot nowadays, the whole industry.

    Forex Megadroid can be considered. Profitability is quite consistent.

    anyway, have been using it for quite a while. Not 100% but good performance compared to other.

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    Personally I'd recommend giving up looking for a robot, and try learning to trade yourself.

    Time better spent IMHO.
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