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Thread: Beginner

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    genghis_pham is offline Junior Member
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    I am in a greenie in the process of researching about the Forex Market. I would greatly appreciate any advice on where best to start (books? internet? articles?). I figure being in is a great start! Thank for any and all replies.

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    The first step to start your research in the forex market is to:

    Open a forex managed account
    Use the money you make on your forex managed account to support you in your training and other resource material and studies.
    Take 50% of your funds out of your forex managed account and open your own self-trading account.

    Please use the following link to start the process:

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    Berns is offline Junior Member
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    Well you can go to, they offer free training and support.

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    forexer is offline Junior Member
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    I am also a newbie I entered a mentoring program and am very happy.
    I was taught to trade not how to just read a signal.
    I have been able to make 30 to 50 trades in a row without a loss using short stops and i have freinds using the same system that have made over 150 in a row that have only been trading around a year and a half.
    I only mention the stops so you no i am not just riding it tell i get profit.
    If you would like specific info shoot me an email i will send you all the specifics.

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    MarketSpeculators is offline Junior Member
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    Recommend the following reading material

    -Candlestick Charting
    -The Market Wizards (Vol. 1-2)
    -Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (Jesse Livermore)
    also goto: for risk management

    Best regards,

    Jurgen Apfelbacher
    Co-Founder of Market Speculators

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