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    Default New to Forex Forum

    Hey there! I join the forum because I want to learn forex trading as it is my first time to trade. At the moment, I'm trading with and I want to learn less risky strategy to make a big profit. Could anyone give me tips on strategy? Also I want to say that many Automated trading software look to good to be true? If I'm wrong, could you tell me what is a good automated software? Thanks!

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    I'm new too...
    Well, I would say...
    - do a demo account for a while ( you have probably done that )
    - When you start with real money, start with a small amount.
    - read the technical forum here... and do research on the fundamentals
    - I don't like automated software, but if you try it, try it with small money amounts

    OK I guess I am conservative, but if you get a system working with small amounts, you can then try larger amounts when you feel comfortable.
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    Hello guys!

    Same here.

    I have been with and they are normally pretty good. And they even give you 30% bonus when you start (I think most brokers do something like that).

    They are a little slow to respond sometimes but it is just because of the time difference I'd say. I live in Australia. But I have always gotten my money back. I also have the debit master card they offer and it is pretty good.

    About the automated trading systems they are selling on the market... I have not tried any of those personally but I have seen very bad reviews.

    Most of them seem to work pretty good on demo accounts but as soon as you put them on Live accounts they just crash and wipe out the account . I have seen quite a few bad reviews on those systems and also they say that it is not automatic at all, since you have to spend lots of time learning how to adjust the parameters and other features on the robot, which basically means that if you have a loss is because you were stupid and did not use the appropriate parameters...

    And Daweller, I think being conservative is a very good thing. One of the few things I have learned is that the key to success in this business is ALWAYS manage your risk.

    At the moment I have someone managing my account and is going great, but in the long run I want to really learn how to trade and so, here I am... slowly slowly.

    All the best guys and good luck with your trades.

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    Hi everyone!

    I am new to the forum as well. I've have been introduced to Forex by my friend whose been with it for quite some time. From then, I've been curious about how Forex works. I wanted to try my luck too.

    I hope to gain more knowledge here about Forex trading and to have friends here as well. See you all around.

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