FXOpen holds another competition on demo accounts.

The event starts on April 1 and will last for 4 trading weeks until April 26.

The rules of the contest "Best FXOpen Forum Trader":

1. All registered forum users, who have made at least 30 posts, may participate in the contest.
2. Registration is available by password, provided after moderation.
3. The initial deposit amounts to $ 5000, and the leverage is 1:100.
4. There are 28 currency pairs available for trading.
5. The maximum trading volume is 1 lot.
6. The maximum number of orders is equal to 5 (including pending orders).
7. The minimum number of trades in the competition is 5 trades, while the minimum trading volume in the competition - 5 lots.

NEW! 8. Each participant must leave posts in his own thread on the Forum.

His thread will be situated in the appropriate section ("Top Trader"). Participant is required to describe every trade he makes in the competition account. If this term is violated, the participant will be disqualified and deprived of his prize. All trades must be described within 36 hours after their opening. The maximum number of the trades described must not exceed 5 trades per post.

All the participants are encouraged not only to indicate the parameters of their trades (like currency pair, lot size, Buy/Sell and so on), but to reason their trading behavior, make some forecasts and share plans for their future trading activity. It would be perfect if you support your description with screen shots or similar schemes so that other traders could understand you better.

9. Traders, who have complied with the previous paragraph (p.8), but failed to become the top competitors, will be awarded with a consolation prize (bonus): the profit made by the end of the competition * 0.01 (max $250).
10. All orders must be closed by the end of the competition.
11. The prize for winning the contest is added to the real account at FXOpen and can be withdrawn any time; no additional conditions are required.
12. Minimum number of participants totals 10. Advisors are prohibited! Scripts are allowed!

The participant with the highest balance in the account by the end of the contest will become THE WINNER.

Prize fund:

1st place - $504;
2nd place - $396;
3rd place - $300.

The total amount of bonuses equals $800!

*(10) The bonus, added to a real account, makes 1 % of the profits.
For example, the trader makes $ 5000. It means that $ 50 will be credited to his account. However, there are some restrictions:
- A traderís bonus amount canít exceed $ 250;
- The bonus can be withdrawn via any available payment system in 30 calendar days after being added to the account (not earlier). What is more, a trader must complete 20 trades of at least 10 minutesí long.
It should be noted that the total amount of the competition bonuses must not exceed $ 1 250. In case of exceeding the budget, the amount of the bonuses will be reduced in proportion by the difference between the amount of all bonuses and the budget.
For example, if the amount of tradersí bonuses totals $ 1 500, the amount of bonuses paid to these traders must be reduced by $250 ($1 500 - $ 1250 = $250).

The formula for calculating bonuses:

Bonus = (1% of profit) * budget / actual budget,
Profit is the actual profit made by the trader;
Budget is equal to $ 800 in this case;
Actual budget is equal to the sum of the actual budget, for example, $ 1 500.

The order of registration in the competition:

Each trader must apply for registration in the forum thread with contest description in his language (Here for English-speaking participants). After being moderated, he gets the password, registers in the contest and publishes the account number in the relative forum thread. Please, do not send your password to any third party, since the list of participants will be checked again prior to the beginning of the contest.

So, the steps of registration are as follows:
1. Apply for registration in a thread (check the table below to find threads in different languages).
2. After being moderated, grab your password and enter the competition here on ForexCup.com.
3. Publish your account number in the relative forum thread (check the table below to find contest sections in different languages).

fore more information for this contest, visit : http://forum.fxopen.com/showthread.p...er-Spring-2013

Any questions? Feel free to send them to info@forexcup.com.