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Thread: Cool thing

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    Default Fapturbo

    What is it?
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    Default what iss this is this the code?

    how do i use this

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    Fap turbo is a new forex robot that allows you to automated your forex account even if you are not online. fap turbo is forex robot that not only provide automation process for your forex account, but also provide real-time analysis of the forex market state. You can watch the forex market charts and you can make decision based on that analysis. The software is not only provide analysis and provide automation process but also allow you to leave your broker and manage your account by your self but for sure you must be professional forex player in order to do that by yourself.

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    jimb12345 is offline Member
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    i would love to hear more about this software.
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    maybe you can contact them to see if they offer a free-trial or something like that... Some of this robot providers offer trials at no or low cost.

    Does someone know if they work on MetaTrader 4?


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    Default to begin with

    There are many tutorial software; in you tube there is one of a guy named Steven Story that has free lessons...if you have never tried one this one is very helpful…

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