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    Default Seeking Project Funding

    I am seeking project funding in the amount of $100M. I am willing to take less if necessary as I know some money will help us open the doors.

    The project is in game design and entertainment with a humanitarian bend to it. The IP in question is a sci fi and fantasy franchise. Think of the IP in terms of Lord of the Rings meets Star Wars blended together with an original story. I am looking to do something that is positive, wholesome, and good; where we give heroes to the world. The franchise will be kept clean and honest as the ethics and integrity of the company and the IP are important to us.

    I am not looking for funding sources that require upfront fees of any kind.

    I do not have any assets or collateral to speak of that we can use to help secure us funding.

    I have no problem giving up an equity position in the company within reason.

    I have no problem entering into a joint venture.

    I realize that my position is a difficult one and I have been told no before but I am not willing to take no for an answer as I believe in my project and the goals that can be attained once proper funding is established.

    I have a full business plan, executive summary, a white paper detailing project goals and an outline for development of our online game, along with other corporate documentation, that will be made available immediately upon request.

    If you have any further questions or an interest please do not hesitate to contact me at the following address.
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