Dear Friends!

We are MegaTransfer, a UK online payment processor,authorized and fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which caters to international clients.

If you are looking for a fast and efficient payment processor, MegaTransfer can give you the opportunity to send and receive Bitcoins.

Deposit and Withdrawal to Bitcoins adds a different approach to MegaTransfer users.
For as low as:

  • 0% fee for deposit,
  • 0.1% fee for withdrawal,

Bitcoin users around the world can freely change their digital funds to real and consumable money which will enable them to transfer their funds from an online alternative bank like MegaTransfer directly to any Bitcoin address without assistance from a 3rd party exchanger - making the process faster and cheaper.

After registering for a MegaTransfer Business Account, a dedicated account manager will be able to guide you through our various financial services, from set up to implementation. All this without you ever having to leave your office.

For more information on our partnering scheme and the benefits both you and your clients
can gain, please visit

Best Regards,
MegaTransfer Team