Can you trade EAs while computer is off, and even control via your phone?

This is easily done with Forex VPS!

What is a Forex VPS and Why You Do Need One?

Forex VPS is a term used to describe a trading method in which, you install the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, and customize it to your own liking, just like you run at your own home, but the difference is, that it is stored EXTRNALLY. That is, a computer outside of your house hosts your MetaTrader platform with all the charts, EAs and graphs, and it runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Many traders, even the small-scale traders have taken this route, because contrary to popular belief, it is NOT expensive, but rather, it is even cheaper than having it run on your own PC at times, added to the 100 fold convenience and profit opportunities it will give you. Lets look at the reason for why trading via a VPS is a smart idea.

If you are not running an EA, skip this section.

For EA users..
1. If you are running an EA, for example, uninterrupted 24/7 run-time of it ensures that it uses all the trading signals. You won’t miss any opportunities. Your EA will be also able to close other positions on time and won’t need to store its internal variables in a file to load them after restart — there’s simply no need for it to restart during trading sessions.
2. No need to run the expert advisor from your home or office PC. Now that your expert advisor is trading on a real account from a VPS, you can stop running your MetaTrader platform all the time. You can also safely reboot your PC and turn it off when you don’t use it. And there is no more stress when suddenly you get some critical software error.
3. Because VPS is a dedicated server that runs only your trading platform and EA, it can have a much better performance, processing the incoming data and sending orders much faster than your own PC could do. That can really help to get better quotes, deal with the requotes and use scalping systems.
4. You can choose a VPS, which is located physically close to your Forex broker’s trading server, ensuring even faster connection and order execution. For example, if you trade from New Zealand and your broker is located in United States you’ll always have some network latency due to the distance. But installing your EA on a VPS, which is hosted in U.S., will remove this latency.
5. Usually, VPS can be accessed anywhere from any computer. So, if you travel a lot you won’t need to move your expert advisor from your PC to your notebook or some mobile device. Your EA will always remain on VPS and you will be able to control and monitor it by logging into your VPS control panel from any place with a connection to internet.
6. A major enhancement now is, that you can login to your VPS from your mobile phone itself, and it doesn’t have to be a Windows Mobile or BlackBerry – it could be a smart phone of any kind, even a Nokia 6230. So you can trade on the go with EAs, which isn’t a default option in MT4.

For people who do not use EAs. Skip it if you use EAs.
1. Since your trading platform is fully customized and comfortable to you, wherever you go, you can instantly access it from any computer, without the needing to search for the EAs etc and re-attach them.
2. You can access your MT4 with all the custom indicators and other platform variables intact, right from your mobile phone. Which means, even when you travel, you are ‘in the game’.
3. Since its running on a VPS and you have access to it via mobile, in case of an unexpected spike, you can always react quickly, regardless of wherever you are.
So in summary, it is always always better to run your trading platform on a VPS, if you want to trade professionally.
How to Setup a VPS
Sooner or later, I see that every trader will be using a VPS for their trading. While most of you may not be very ‘techie’ people, there is nothing to worry, because we can take care of it for dirt cheap. Just email me at hfahadh @ , and I will help you in setting one up for you, you don’t need to install a single file, we will fully ‘migrate’ your current MetaTrader 4 platform to the VPS very safely, completely “hands off”.

Self-Setup for Techies

1) Lease a reliable VPS
2) Install MT4
3) Customize it according to the way you were using at your own home.
4) Install Mobile RDP Server
5) Setup Remote Desktop in clients
6) Install RDP client in your mobile phone

While we see that the above procedure can be done by yourself if you are technically sound, it can take a lot of your time in setup and maintenance. You can always send us an email for a totally hands-off solution for a measly price, since we have outsourced staff from India, where technical skills are considerably cheap.

My advice is, set one up, it doesn’t need to be from me, but from anywhere, and its a lot healthier for your trading future. And remember, compared to what it would cost, you would make at least a 500% combined performance increase in terms of profitability, convenience and many other fields by doing just this one step right.

Okayy, lets move on to the next!

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