What's with all the forex excitement??

Unless you are real smart and have found a way to defeat the system, you have total ruin waiting for you in the FOREX market.

Here are some thoughts to consider.

1) We the sellers/buyers are first to act with a long, a short, a limit, etc..
2) The banks and dealer desk then react to us.
3) What is to provide clear transparency that the central banks
and dealer desks are not fabricating and working in team to maximize
their wins??? NFA audits??? NFA are themselves not big enough. They are blinded!!!!!

Having FDA does not prevent people from food poisoning. Having NFA certainly will NOT prevent ethics problem in the forex market.

I have a perfect system. But I will not share my system with anybody because it is everybody for themselves. I will defeat the system and win money after money!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hence, to each his or her own success. Don't bother asking me to sell my system. A perfect system is priceless.