Daily chart continues to show price inside of a major price swing/consolidation with a low of 1.3501 set on January 23, 2009 and a high of 1.4985 set on February 9, 2009.
At the opening of the week, price is currently oscillating around a possible support/old resistance level inside of that daily consolidation range, that level is 1.4660.
Looking at the one hour chart, there is a price swing that has consolidated price since about the beginning of last week. This consolidation range on the one hour chart is a low of 1.4580 from April 7 and a high of 1.4779 from April 8. So far no candles have closed above or below this consolidation range. This is the most significant consolidation range on the one hour chart to identify a possible continuation signal candle. At the moment the uptrend remains in place with a possible target on the daily chart of 1.5500

Potentially significant economic data:
Monday continues banking holiday.
Tuesday is the release of major economic data for the United States,
specifically retail sales, PPI, and business inventories.
There are also several speeches one in particular by Bernanke.
Tuesday the UK will release the RICS house price numbers
Wednesday another wave of significant economic data for the US beginning with
CPI, Empire State Manufacturing, and TIC data, capacity utilization rate, and Industrial production

Daily chart shows a potential support level with a low of 1.3112 set on March 30, 2009.
So far no daily candle has closed below that level and it’s possible it may generate some kind of retracement or balance. It is approximately a 50% retracement from the last move up on the daily chart.
The four hour chart shows the same support level holding and on the one hour chart there is a small bullish continuation signal candle that printed just before the close of the market on Friday

Potentially significant economic data:
Thursday the euro zone will release their cpi and Industrial production numbers.
Friday the euro zone will release their trade balance numbers

Areas to look out for:
USD/CHF has found some temporary support at an old swing high on the four hour chart. This level is 1.1547 printed on March 30, 2009, 4 hour chart. Keep an eye on this area when the market opens and notice how price reacts to it, there is also a small up trend line on the one hour chart from last weeks price activity, there was a significant change in value on this pair last week.

GBP/JPY has been in consolidation for most of last week, there is a triangle developing on the one hour chart however the key range to take note of is the consolidation range which began with a low of 145.83 on April 7 and a high of 148.92 on April 7 until this range is cleared nothing significant will happen and we may witness false moves inside of this range.

Daily chart continues to show an area of resistance with a high of 100.54 set on November 14, 2008.
Overall this pair has not changed much in price from the opening of last week to the close. The next significant level of support I have on my charts is the low of 99.31 from April 8, 2009

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