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    Default Trades for 07/25/05

    Well I have been working on my websites and the business side of my new signal service. I will will do these signals here for 2 weeks. I will update my signals as they come in - Take The Trades - Shoot for 100 Pips profit every week, so you get use to the signals. Track them and I am very confident you will like the results. I will send a profit taking alert. You can send me your email as well as your IM to fxlivesignals @ Because I often put a Buy and Sell order for the same currency pair keep both orders working in case we get a false breakout and a momentum move in the opposite direction. Good luck to all

    currently at 1.2054
    Buy stop 1.2170, stop 1.2020
    Sell stop 1.2010, stop 1.2090

    currently at 1.7374
    Buy stop 1.7520, stop 1.7410
    Sell stop 1.7260, stop 1.7370

    currently at 1.2176
    Buy stop 1.2270, stop 1.2140

    currently at 1.2970
    Buy stop 1.3090, stop 1.2930
    Sell stop 1.2680, stop 1.2790

    currently at .7628
    Sell stop .7540, stop .7630

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    Default Trade Update 07/26/05

    26 July 05 11:30am ET

    Our USD/JPY filled at target price, Out +133pips.

    Our USD/CAD stopped, out -40pips

    Current Positions:
    Long USD/CAD from 1.2270, currently trading 1.2297
    Long GBP/USD from 1.7430, currently trading 1.7416
    Short EUR/USD from 1.2010, currently trading 1.2014

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