If it can be of any service for you, I can propose our technical analysis for EUR/USD.
The pre-planned break-out variant for buyers has been implemented with the achievement of minimal anticipated target. OsMA trend indicator marks considerable growth of buyers’ activity at the break of key resistance range levels and gives grounds to suppose the priority of buyers’ direction for planning of trade operations for today. On the assumption of it as well as of the down trend of indicator chart we can assume probability of rate resumption to the nearest supports of 1,3120/40, where it is recommended to evaluate development of activity of both parties in accordance with the charts of a shorter time interval. As for the short-term buying positions, on condition of the formation of topping signals, the targets will be 1,3180/1,3200, 1,3260/80, 1,3320/40 and (or) further break-out variant up to 1,3380/1,3400, 13460/80, 1,3580/1,3620. The alternative for sales will be below 1,3060 with the targets of 1,3000/20, 1,2940/60, 1,2880/1,2900.

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