The pre-planned long positions from key resistance range levels have been implemented with overlap of minimal anticipated target. OsMA trend indicator, having marked this week`s top by formation of reversal signal with further essential rise in sales activity, gives grounds favoring bearish choice for planning of trading operations for today. Hence and considering upside indicator trend, we can assume probability of rate return to close border of Ichimoku cloud contained in 1,4190/1,4210 levels, where it is recommended to evaluate the development of the activity of both parties in accordance with the charts of a shorter time interval. As for sales, on condition of the formation of topping signals the targets will be 1,4120/40, 1,4060/80 and (or) further break-out variant up to 1,4000/20, 1,3940/60, 1,3860/80. The alternative for buyers will be above âûøå 1,4300 with the targets of 1,4340/60, 1,4400/20, 1,4480/1,4520.

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