My name is Richard Degenaar, I am a 39 year young Dutch man married to Yasmeen Iqbal from India. We are living 8 months per year in India and 4 months in the Netherlands. In India we sponsor the education of a group of 15children (see attachment) and currently we are preparing the startup of our own school.

In 2005-2006 I have been active on the Indian stock market. Since 2006 I am active as a Forex trader. In 2005-2007 I have learned that I can analyse well and that I have a good ability to take risk. My emotional disciplin however was not so good. Therefor in 2007 I decided to write a software which can analyse and subsequently open and close positions.

This January we started with the software and the returns sofar are 17% per month. This is with 1 strategy on the GBP/USD. I am preparing deploying more strategies to increase the monthly returns some more, for now my 1st aim is 25% / month consistently.

For the profits we have two goals. A personal goal is to create financial freedom for ourselves and for our family and friends. A second goal is to generate funds to start schools for under privileged children, starting in Bangalore India.

A workload of 3500 hours of programming, testing and analyzing has been the source of the current results. We are now looking at new strategies and therefor I am contacting various networks to find traders who would like to partner up in a WIN-WIN deal.

I am looking for someone who:
-has good computer skills and does FOREX trading
-is good at technical analysis
-is very committed and has an availability of at least 20 hours per week

The idea is to develop a friendship where together we will generate enough wealth for not only our families and loved ones but also bring education for a lot of children. Adventure, fun and fulfilment will be keywords in this process. I will share with you whatever I have learned and I will be happy to hear what you have learned. This is not a get rich quicly scheme, only respond if you are seriously interested and meet the requirments.

You can contact me in this group or if you prefer privately at

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,