The result of reevaluation of wave [b] structure on the basis of H4 chart analysis of 13.02.2006
( is presented at a D1 chart of the pair.

The second correction figure development within a Non-Standard Correction at the analyzed period supports the version of a Non-Limiting Contracting Triangle formation according to the following features:
- An alteration in wave [a] structure in relation to wave [b] on the background of a shorter duration of wave [b] in relation to wave [a] makes the development of a Flat Correction development within these waves practically improbable.
- Wave [b] structure as an Elongated Flat is a characteristic sign of one segment of a Triangle formation.
- The character of wave [c] development according to the H4 chart unlike Standard Correction figures in waves [a] and [b] is presented by a Non-Standard Correction, but not by an impulsive development. In this case, development of a Flat Correction within waves [a]-[b]-[c] is completely excluded.
* It is necessary to mark that wave [c] for a Flat Correction, especially if it completes the figure of a higher degree, can be a Terminal Impulse also, but this variant is not logical both within the current situation, and within waves [a] and [b] correlation.
- Development of the second Correction figure included in wave [B] will achieve parity in duration with the first Correction figure during the following 14 trading days only. Taking into account the fact that the expected duration of the second Correction figure can’t be less than the first one, formation of a Contracting Triangle is the best variant of time “consumption” for the logics of the whole structure development.

Assuming the version of a Non-Standard Correction completion by a wave figure of a Contracting Triangle as a basis, it is necessary to consider the factor that wave [c] of the Triangle is usually connected with wave [a] by a ratio 61,8%, but the discrepancy of this parameter can’t cancel the wave count of the Triangle only for this reason. Nevertheless this guideline, displayed on the chart, as a Fibo Expansion on the level 1,1776, and also the coincidence of this level with the beginning of an impulsive part of the Elongated Flat wave [b] can’t remain aside as a possible level of wave [c] completion.

To sum up the above mentioned it is logical to plan buys from the levels 1,1800, but only on condition of a supporting completion of the Non-Standard Correction figure in wave [c]. The targets for these buys will be the levels 1,2000, 1,2150 and the levels of a defense stop lower than 1,1700.
The downfall of the rate lower than 1,1700, probably, will need some correction or even review of the current market activity marking.

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