Some months ago, I saw an advert on Facebook displaying the UK Dragons Den Team trying to outbid each other to invest with new trading company "OX Markets".

I thought this would be good to try out as minimum joining fee was £250. Signed up on 22/10/18 depositing £250 and on 15/11/18 I got a call on my mobile from Brian collins, who said he would help me get used to the site and explain a few things e.g what trade to open and when to make them, As he could see this was all new to me. He insisted I move from Microsoft Edge to Google chrome to connect to the site for better experience and that he would take me through a demo. He would demo "trading" using Amazon. He explained that because Amazon was such a sought after company, trading profits would be massive, and that we go through process from depositing money; i would deposit so much and so would he. He popped up a payment screen and asked me to put the 3 digits in from my credit card. The amount showed £5000, the rest was all XXXX-XXXX. He then added £5000 from his pocket as agreed from the start.

On getting started with the trading Next thing Brian said was the deal wasn’t happening until the following Thursday but Advised we still didn’t have enough in my account to start dealing in Amazon and we should deposit another £5000 which i did. Now after trying with this he showed me that i was able to make additional money from this demo trial so we should get started with the real trading. I was told to put in £5000 at first and repeated this consecutive times till it was done on me that this is a scheme to steal from me. Lost in total £150,000 to these fraudulent scheme called trading. This brought devastation to my whole life and dreams and on searching for answers and maybe a way to get back my money from these scammers. I came across a company called e-assets retrieval with reviews of their successful records of recovery in a comment section Intelligence gathering agency for fighting fraudulent financial brokers and scammers and to my surprise it was a success. They got me all my lost funds back and also all bonuses on my profile with OX Markets and also made them pay for damages as well. Words can describe how grateful I am since i got my money and life back, in case you find yourself in this situation how to fight and get back your money from scammers and fake brokers.