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    Dear traders,

    Please follow the link to read/download updated W.M.O. reports (PDF format) :

    - EUR/USD :

    - GBPUSD :

    Any question ? Visit us at or feel free to contact us anytime.

    Best Regards,

    David G.
    WFXAdvisor CEO & Head Trader

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    technical facts sound good Angela. Let us know how to begin in the technical analysis world. I’ve just found unexpected results, when I start whit a particular strategy it shows some tendencies and it becomes easier taking decisions. After a while it totally changes and it’s hard to trust the same strategy. hope to know your advices. Gabby

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    Default gbp

    where gbp will going in this first month ?
    [URL=""][COLOR="Blue"][B]Forex Trading System Collection[/B][/COLOR][/URL]

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    hey Roman, it seems good to contact you. I’ve just a little experience trading on forex but I’d really like to know some of your advices about how could be more profitable trading on futures or options instead of forex? Would it be not as good as forex?

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    Hi everyone,

    Well to introduce EURUSD and USDCHF comdol signals that always work in opposite direction to each other im here to help from fxpremiere group forex signals.

    World leaders in daily forex signals via SMS & Email.

    fxpremiere com ...............................

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