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    Question 50 - 80 pips a day...candle trading ? no indicator whatsoever?

    I've always wanted to trade naked (without indicator i mean lol) cuz its much easier and solid to perform (no guessing & all according to my frez). so yesterday while lurking around, I came across , which teach us how to use "N" pattern to predict the precise moment for entry, and forecast the target profit for that particular trade.... , in general the strategy can pop up 50 - 80 pips in just 20 -45 minutes a day.

    However candlestick pattern isn't what i had in mind for naked trading,... I thougt naked trading supposed to be about price action right ?

    Really not sure , what do you guys think ? should I go for candlestick trading ? does it works ?

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    hey trading without any technical indicator is possible, i have used that trading strategy about 3 month with profitable result. i can share with any trader if you want, just share what iam doing
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