Forex trading, you will agree with me can be hard, hard, yes especially for beginners, but can be potentially very lucrative. Trading and winning consistently in forex require proven trading strategies with sound and realistic money management. For beginners and intermediate traders to quickly tap into the vast opportunities inherent in forex, they need to begin to think, enter and exit trades like professional traders, with their emotions safely tucked in their backpack. This you will agree with me is easier said than done. One great news about experience is it makes you king in your chosen field. Its downside, however is despite accumulating it while piling up years, you suddenly become too old to use it.

Solution? Simply copy what experience traders are doing and apply it without necessarily having to wait for a whole lifetime to garner that seemingly elusive arsenal; experience. And how do you copy them you may ask? Simply look at systems and strategies that are working for others and copy, last time I checked, this isnt an offence. You will only be avoiding unnecessary pains and financial losses if you quickly wise up and take a peep at what more experienced traders are doing.

For this purpose, I have compiled a list of popular trading strategies and softwares , showing performance of each based on my personal experience using them. To check this up visit: