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    Originally posted by forexgreenland:
    [10:13:27] Stalion : sell stop for gbpusd @ 1.7840,1st target @ 1.7659


    [10:13:57] Stalion : 2nd target @ 1.7592[/QB]

    [QB][10:19:15] Stalion : no probs....had to take it from the monthly timeframe, so it might take a lil while before it gets


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    [10:00:53] Stalion : BUY STOP ON GBPUSD@ 1.7635, 1ST TARGET @ 1.7713, 2ND TARGET @ 1.7755, 40

    pip stop loss..
    We are looking at approximately 120 pips here,$120 minilot,$1200 standard lots on cable

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    Originally posted by forexgreenland:
    [QB] [10:00:53] Stalion : BUY STOP ON GBPUSD@ 1.7635, 1ST TARGET @ 1.7713, 2ND TARGET @ 1.7755,


    pip stop loss..
    We are looking at approximately 120 pips here,$120 minilot,$1200 standard lots on cable [/QB]

    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart14 View Post
    Can't win them all Forexgreenland
    Yes, Stuart, nothing is 100% perfect in trading as well as in life..Though we got stopped out on 40 pips, 7 pips less to hit

    our target,we still locked in profits of +20 or more pips along the way..If you noticed, price on the cable(GBPUSD)

    eventually shot through our target points, with more extra pips for good measure.

    Quote Originally Posted by Onwukarisa View Post
    Hello mystikal,

    Please when using MACD for divergences what should i use: the trough that form when red and blue lines cross or the

    histogram of the MACD . Please Advise.
    Onwuka Arisa
    Hi Onwuka, if you observed, we used the MACD Histogram from the 1st chart to ascertain whether there was

    divergence or not. The Macd Histogram told us that price was overbought and buying pressure was reducing, which was

    a precursor to the downward movement on the charts. In order words, MACD Histogram was telling us that the bullish

    momentum was tapering off. There was also a bearish hammer and a trendline break to the downside, telling us to cover

    our longs.
    If I had to choose between the trough that form when the red and blue lines cross(MACD proper) or MACD Histogram,

    I'll choose the Hisogram because it is much faster...Notice from the chart above that MACD was trailing behind its

    Histogram, which would have been quite slow in forwarning us to cover our longs or take profits at that level on the

    Anyways, we learn from our mistakes.

    140 pips less our 40 pips that was stopped out on the 9th, which gave us 100 pips net, $100 minilot,$1000 standard lot

    on Friday.

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    [09:26:43] Stalion : price on the gbpusd looks like its retracing downward from last week's bullish run

    [09:31:46] caprica1 : yeah its going towards the current overnight low

    [09:38:04] Stalion : there's negative MACD divergence to price on the charts...we are looking for a convincing trendline

    break to go short on gu

    [09:54:07] Stalion : SELL STOP ON GBPUSD @ 1.7970, 1ST TARGET @ 1.7875, 2ND TARGET @ 1.7788

    [09:59:54] Stalion : u can put a sell limit on our entry if you came in late or buy at current market price..

    [10:02:40] eugen3000 : limit triggered

    [10:02:44] eugen3000 : hi Stal

    [10:04:20] Stalion : at what price, eugen?

    [10:04:48] Stalion : price is at 1.7991 now

    [10:05:25] eugen3000 : 7970 like you wrote

    [10:06:49] Stalion : yea

    [10:10:35] Stalion : lets sit back and relax, eugen....



    [11:00:00] caprica1 : jot back Stal. Whats this about a sell stop?

    [11:00:06] eugen3000 : did it

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    [11:00:00] caprica1 : jot back Stal. Whats this about a sell stop?

    [11:02:18] Stalion : more of a sell limit, cap..if you missed the original entry and hope for price to go up to ur entry before

    reaching down...a sell stop is just following price downwards on its bearish move

    [11:06:17] caprica1 : whcih chart did you look at to get the signal Stal? Was it one of the longer timeframes?

    [11:08:51] Stalion : looks like a colourful beer carnival, eugen, the oktoberfest u guys are celebrating in

    Germany.....though more mellow than the ones in the Rio de janeiro, Brazil..

    [11:10:21] Stalion : we do what we call ''top down trading'', cap..first, the weekly and daily charts to get a general

    overview..the hourly is to get the medium term overview..the 15 min chart is where you get a more precise view...while

    the 5 min is for microscopic view

    [11:11:20] Stalion : hi takbal, hope you've locked in half your profits by now...

    [11:11:53] Stalion : we are +40 pips now..

    [11:13:15] caprica1 : ok

    [11:13:47] takbal : well I get on the train a bit late, so I put half lot only

    [11:14:08] takbal : but looks like a healthy downtrend, so I risk it

    [11:21:01] Stalion : sl moved to entry point,AFTER creaming off half profits

    [11:23:33] caprica1 : I go in @ .7970 so I'm + 23 now.

    [12:15:28] caprica1 : I'm +53 now Stal. Should I be moving my stop to Breakeven or +20?

    [12:18:40] caprica1 : whoops thats 1st target hit

    [12:24:12] caprica1 : its looking like a nice start to the week guys

    [12:25:47] Stalion : you can say dat again, cap

    [12:27:23] caprica1 : how much lower can it go, It's nearly at 2nd target now?

    [12:47:22] eugen3000 : 1st and 2nd target hit, wooohoooo, ;-)

    [12:48:43] caprica1 : yep!

    [12:55:00] klho83 : Good start For the week!!!

    [12:55:33] caprica1 : certainly is.

    [12:55:51] takbal : was a nice call, thx Stal

    [13:10:01] Stalion : 95 pips for 1st target, 182 pips total for 2nd target,$182 minilot,$1820 standard lot in less than 4hrs

    [13:10:30] masif1 : another great call i missed today

    [13:10:36] masif1 : just my luck

    [13:11:17] Stalion : like I said earlier, we should be prepared to take any opportunity that the market gives us...which

    doesnt happen everyday..

    [13:14:46] Stalion : fine, we might get stopped out on one or two trades...but thats the price to pay for a long pip haul

    like dis...

    [13:17:08] Stalion : so we wrap up our trade today

    [13:18:01] Stalion : hope 182 pips is okay for everyone?

    [13:21:23] caprica1 : i'm happy with today Stal

    [13:21:39] masif1 : well done guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by onwukarisa View Post
    Hello Mystikal,

    Thanks alot. you answered my first question but you didnt answer the second. the question is :

    How do you exactly know which part of the chart or graph that you have to choose as a 1-2-3 top or bottom before

    applying your analysis and calculations. i have noticed that you select some parts and leave the others where i also think

    that a 1-2-3 formation forms. If there are any conditions or factors you have to put into consideration before choosing for

    a 1-2-3 top or bottom,please let me know.

    Expecting a reply
    Hi Onwuka,
    We give glory to God for He is Great. To know which part of the chart or graph that you choose as a 1-2-3 bottom or

    top requires practice and patience. We could say it hides from most traders that are not aware of its pattern on the

    graphs and on the other hand, reveals itself regularly to some that are familiar with its occurence on the charts.
    If you observe the Eurodollar(EURUSD) chart on the 15th of September, we could see the 1-2-3 top being numbered.
    The 1 is always the swing high at the peak or apex...2 is an intermediate low and 3 is a lower high that failed to retest the

    1 level(swing high).

    At the break of the 2 level, it confirms the downward/ bearish movement of price and also validates the concept of the

    1-2-3 top.
    A 1-2-3 top is usually seen at the end of an uptrend, while a 1-2-3 bottom is usually seen at the end of a downtrend.
    Hope you now understand...

    Please feel free to ask questions or make comments...

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by zero:


    ''Mysteriously run their course? What do you think this is, zero? A mystery moovie? Wake up and smell the roses without

    stinking, mon ami...
    Those participants you read on the chats are real live traders from different parts of the world who are serious about

    making money in forex trading. They earn and learn while those trade calls are made,real time, online and the only game

    they are interested in playing is forex.
    Need I say more???

    Originally posted by rodney:
    [QB] The world financial system is in a mess with prospects of the global credit bubble bursting according to many

    credible pundits. We will explore why bubbles form and why they burst from an Austrian Economics perspective. We

    will also explore why cash and cash equivalent in times of deflation - yes, I said deflation - is your best asset hedge

    against the bubble bursting. We will also cover specific trading ideas to win in this globalization 3.0 era, and how to

    preserve capital and profit.Why will be the role of gold and silver ? T.Bonds? Dollar index, etc. Will the major and

    regional banks in US lose $2 trillion in capital as forecast by a famous NYU Economist?


    [URL=]Foreclosed Homes[URL] [/QB]
    Hi Rodney, we'd be glad to have your constructive theories on the global economic dynamics that is happening right

    But dont you think holding cash or its equivalent might not really be an hedge coz of its declining

    value(depreciation)against market forces?
    And how does the Austrian Economic perspective on cyclical trends(bubbles and bursts) fit in with the much larger EU

    perspective of the same phenoma?

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    [09:06:15 19/09/08] Stalion : hi everyone

    [09:12:05 19/09/08] Stalion : we saw what happened yesterday, guys...price eventually got to our targets but with some

    nasty retracements in the way...

    [09:15:55 19/09/08] caprica1 : its been a rough few weeks though on the markets

    [09:17:17 19/09/08] klho83 : Hi Stal Gu coming to 61.8% ret.level

    [09:22:34 19/09/08] Stalion : lol....the market knows it going to drop some serious pips..thats why the awkward

    retracements to shake off stops and limits..

    [09:25:10 19/09/08] masif1 : i think the usd is weakening

    [09:28:55 19/09/08] Stalion : any upcoming news on GBP?

    [09:29:16 19/09/08] caprica1 : not sure

    [09:34:21 19/09/08] eugen3000 : Stal, the trend line from 1.7446 is not yet broken to the downside right?

    [09:34:24 19/09/08] Stalion : the currency markets is still digesting all the bad news coming out from the US financial

    markets..bailouts today, bankruptcy 2morow...any wonder d charts are reflecting these signs of the times..

    [09:44:25 19/09/08] Stalion : 1.7446, eugen?i think dats like 500 pips below market price?

    [09:48:23 19/09/08] eugen3000 : i mean the trendline this was the lowest price and i see a trendline going up and hold for few times

    [09:53:30 19/09/08] eugen3000 : i am the only one seeing this? lol

    [09:58:11 19/09/08] Stalion : lol....what chart are u looking at,eugen?

    [10:01:33 19/09/08] eugen3000 : im at work im just using the one from mb trading

    [10:01:49 19/09/08] eugen3000 : i saw that price bounced of this trendline a few times

    [10:02:53 19/09/08] Stalion : looks like the news didnt make much impact..

    [10:19:04 19/09/08] Stalion : at what timeframe, eugen?

    [10:24:30 19/09/08] eugen3000 : 1hr

    [10:26:20 19/09/08] Stalion : ohh, av seen it...dat was the low on sept 11,right?

    [10:27:13 19/09/08] Stalion : did anyone reenter the gu short again?.

    [10:46:48 19/09/08] eugen3000 : stal do you have some key levels for gu? up and down levels? thnx

    [10:58:59 19/09/08] Stalion : we also put a buy stop on gu at 1.7997, 1st target on the upside is 1.8055..dat would act

    as an hedge

    [12:00:16 19/09/08] Stalion : looks like the turnaround is right round the corner,guys...

    [12:01:47 19/09/08] Stalion : buy stop trigger hit...

    [12:02:56 19/09/08] Stalion : remember 1st target to the upside is 1.8055..

    [12:05:53 19/09/08] Stalion : 33 pips profits right now...lock in ur profits right now, guys, and shift sl to entry level..

    [12:09:53 19/09/08] eugen3000 : 40 pips im happy, thnx Stal

    [12:10:16 19/09/08] Stalion : 20 pips to go in hitting 1st target of 1.8055...2nd target for our long gu trade is 1.8073...

    [12:12:05 19/09/08] Stalion : dat was jus the practical application of the 60% buy window..

    [12:13:33 19/09/08] Stalion : price is now retracing back to the 50% level...

    [12:14:38 19/09/08] takbal : looks like a DeMark breakout...

    [12:15:12 19/09/08] takbal : at least the upward move stopped exactly at the predicted target

    [12:17:53 19/09/08] Stalion : what TIMEFRAME are u looking at,takbal?

    [12:18:15 19/09/08] takbal : 5 mins

    [12:18:28 19/09/08] takbal : well, the upper trendline is a more plausible explanation...

    [12:19:57 19/09/08] Stalion : i could see a mini 123 bottom in the 5 min chart before price broke out..

    [12:21:04 19/09/08] Stalion : it paused at 1.8040, which was a round number and a pyschological one too,before going

    back south to the 50th percent level..

    [12:25:41 19/09/08] takbal : I see the 123 but not sure about it will pass that trendline around 18030-40... it looks quite


    [12:29:22 19/09/08] Stalion : depends on the bullish momentum, takbal...if you open ur MACD indicator on the 5 min

    chart, you can see MACD making higher highs and price on top making lower lows based on the resistance

    trendline..thats shows divergence..we are seeing MACD positive divergence to price which foretells a bullish

    move,technical analysiswise..

    [12:30:37 19/09/08] Stalion : resistance trendline about to be broken..

    [12:40:05 19/09/08] masif1 : hi stal locked in 30 pips at half lot

    [12:41:51 19/09/08] takbal : but MACD already did its higher high... ho do you know that it wont retrace now, and

    cross the trendline?

    [12:43:26 19/09/08] takbal : if price falls now, we are still in divergence, but the trendline is unbroken... it may be broken

    at the next test

    [12:56:35 19/09/08] klho83 : hi

    [12:58:25 19/09/08] caprica1 : hi guys just got in front of the PC and seen the trade. mine is

    [12:59:05 19/09/08] caprica1 : at +26 pips as of now. I must have missed the earlier high.

    [12:59:34 19/09/08] Stalion : lol....welcome to the show,cap

    [13:01:15 19/09/08] caprica1 : thank you. It's at +39 now. I'm only trading witha lot size of 0.1 though.

    [13:01:52 19/09/08] klho83 : Wat is the next target stal?

    [13:02:16 19/09/08] caprica1 : correction make that+58. What should I do based on my lot size STal?

    [13:02:34 19/09/08] klho83 : Ist target hit

    [13:03:34 19/09/08] caprica1 : hit 2nd target and closed out at +73

    [13:03:52 19/09/08] takbal : 8072 is daily support

    [13:04:49 19/09/08] Stalion : 2nd target coming up

    [13:05:31 19/09/08] eugen3000 : 3rd target Stal??? ;-)

    [13:05:54 19/09/08] Stalion : 2nd target is at 1.8130...3rd target @ 1.8198

    [13:07:39 19/09/08] Stalion : if ur not in from our first entry, pls consider ur risk to reward ratios before jumping for 2nd

    and 3rd targets...

    [13:08:28 19/09/08] Stalion : dose dat were in right from the start would be using up their remaing half lots now, while

    adjusting stop loss to entry

    [13:09:08 19/09/08] caprica1 : thought the 2nd target was 1.8055 and 3rd was 1.8073?

    [13:09:15 19/09/08] Stalion : hold on to ur seatbelts, fellas...we might be in for a lil ride..

    [13:09:41 19/09/08] caprica1 : a lil ride in what sense Stal?

    [13:10:15 19/09/08] Stalion : sorry..typo....2nd target 18073...3rd target 18130...4th target 18198

    [13:11:20 19/09/08] Stalion : jus put in a 15 to 25 pip trailing stop wen we get to 2nd target...

    [13:12:12 19/09/08] caprica1 : I got back in at the second target of 1.8073.

    [13:13:13 19/09/08] Stalion : or adjust sl 20 pips above original entry...which ever feels best for you..

    [13:19:09 19/09/08] caprica1 : Like I said though I made the 73 pips on the first 2 targets. Didn't get the 3rd or 4th ones

    in time. I re-entered at the 2nd target price of 1.8073.

    [13:19:22 19/09/08] caprica1 : What should I place my stop as?

    [13:23:36 19/09/08] caprica1 : 1've put the stop @ the original entry point of 1.7997

    [13:28:15 19/09/08] klho83 : I'm out at 1.8070. Thanks stal.n have a nice weekend all.

    [13:28:54 19/09/08] caprica1 : you too klho

    [13:28:57 19/09/08] eugen3000 : lock in lock in lock in ;-)

    [13:34:08 19/09/08] caprica1 : you still in the trade eugen?

    [13:37:21 19/09/08] caprica1 : it's flying again

    [13:37:29 19/09/08] eugen3000 : no i closed half at +20, the rest by 8073, im flat

    [13:37:43 19/09/08] eugen3000 : good luck cap

    [13:40:11 19/09/08] takbal : are we some kind of fighter pilots?

    [13:40:31 19/09/08] takbal : Fox 3

    [13:41:16 19/09/08] caprica1 : locked on! lol

    [13:54:53 19/09/08] caprica1 : looking like another nice end to the week

    [13:57:57 19/09/08] Stalion : 3rd target hit!!

    [13:59:05 19/09/08] Stalion : 4th target @ 18198....

    [14:01:48 19/09/08] caprica1 : I've moved my stop to entry and closed out 50% of my lot size now on the re-entry that I


    [14:02:01 19/09/08] Stalion : 5th target @ 1.8230

    [14:02:56 19/09/08] caprica1 : 5th target! Oh man, I'm loving this Friday lol

    [14:08:52 19/09/08] caprica1 : I'm well happy at that. I dont't expect that every time, but it's a nice start, and shows me

    I'm on the right track.

    [14:12:10 19/09/08] Stalion : more than 137 pips made up from our 2nd target of 1.8130...and still counting..

    [14:14:35 19/09/08] caprica1 : I would agree. Over 400 pips from a very choppy week.

    [14:25:42 19/09/08] Stalion : 4th target hit!

    [14:25:51 19/09/08] caprica1 : just hit 4th target

    [14:25:56 19/09/08] Stalion : [14:02:01] Stalion : 5th target @ 1.8230

    [14:26:24 19/09/08] Stalion : 5th target hit!!

    [14:26:42 19/09/08] caprica1 : where should I move my stop to now Stal? It's currently at b/e, and I have closed out half

    my lot

    [14:26:47 19/09/08] Stalion : 1.8271 as our 6th target

    [14:27:05 19/09/08] caprica1 : never mind5 targets hit. Man oh man!!!!!

    [14:27:22 19/09/08] Stalion : jus put a 25 pip trailing stop loss and you'll be fine like dandy

    [14:27:30 19/09/08] caprica1 : I'm out now. Not gonna chance getting back in a 2nd time

    [14:28:10 19/09/08] Stalion : dats what am doing...jus watching price move and locking my profits..

    [14:28:55 19/09/08] caprica1 : I'd hit 5th target before the 6th was posted.

    [14:29:06 19/09/08] caprica1 : Am still a happy little bunny though.

    [14:29:37 19/09/08] caprica1 : I've almost hit my target of 155.00 for EJ. That would be 300 pips for that trade alone.

    [14:30:19 19/09/08] caprica1 : woohoo, just hit it.

    [14:32:12 19/09/08] Stalion : lol

    [14:33:07 19/09/08] caprica1 : if only you could see me now! Feel like walking out of work, and going home a happy man.

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    Sell stop on GBPUSD @ 1.8321...1st target @ 1.8275,2nd target @ 1.8245, 3rd target @ 1.8207

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    Default Conversations With Forexgreenland (The Matrix Pt 1)

    Quote Originally Posted by forexgreenland View Post
    Sell stop on GBPUSD @ 1.8321...1st target @ 1.8275,2nd target @ 1.8245, 3rd target @ 1.8207

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 10:25:28 AM): I got stopped out on te cable trade during the nite.

    Stallion (9/22/2008 10:29:35 AM): how come you got stopped out,cap?

    Stallion (9/22/2008 10:30:36 AM): didnt u get to 1st target b4 putting sl to entry?

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 10:32:08 AM): I set the trade up at 12:35pm GMT and got stopped out at 04:35am. It never

    got lower than 1.8262, that was after I got stopped out.

    Stallion (9/22/2008 10:32:30 AM): Sell stop on GBPUSD @ 1.8321...1st target @ 1.8275,2nd target @ 1.8245, 3rd

    target @ 1.8207

    Stallion (9/22/2008 10:33:06 AM): it got lower dan 1.8275 to 1st come you got stopped out?

    Stallion (9/22/2008 10:33:28 AM): dat was around 2a.m this morning

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 10:34:45 AM): the time I entered the trade it went up. Got stopped out, then it went back

    down. I was in bed asleep so couldn't re-enter.

    Stallion (9/22/2008 10:35:28 AM): awwwww!!

    Stallion (9/22/2008 10:35:39 AM): u took the signals late

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 10:37:07 AM): i didn't check my emails till half 12. I see where it hit past 1st target, but I was

    asleep then so wasn't able to take any pips.

    Stallion (9/22/2008 10:37:57 AM): no probs...we are looking at a long gu trade right now...

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 10:38:24 AM): OK. Any ideas on entries yet?

    Stallion (9/22/2008 10:39:44 AM): yea....entries asre the most delicate part in trading...u might be right in going bullish or

    bearish...but if ur entry is too late or too early, d stops are out..

    Stallion (9/22/2008 10:54:09 AM): Buy Stop on the gbpusd @1.8480, 1st target @ 1.8530, 2nd target @ 1.8565, 40

    pip sl..

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 10:55:11 AM): brb need to re-boot pc.

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 11:15:31 AM): I've still got 2 pending sell stops on cable Stal. Should I be deleting them?

    Stallion (9/22/2008 11:16:08 AM): yea....delete d pending sell stop for now....

    Stallion (9/22/2008 11:16:21 AM): we r going for the buy stop

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 11:16:35 AM): ok

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 11:23:34 AM): do you use the MACD indicator on your charts?

    Stallion (9/22/2008 11:25:12 AM): I rarely do, cap....I prefer taking signals straight from the charts...

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 11:26:09 AM): ok

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 5:05:41 PM): I've staerted adding the spread and on the longs, and rounding to the nearest

    whole number. My entry was then 1.8485. then I put my 40 pip stop from there.

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 5:06:20 PM): I also made another 110pips on a 123 patttern I saw on the EURJPY this


    Stallion (9/22/2008 5:06:33 PM):

    Stallion (9/22/2008 5:06:38 PM): way to go, man

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 5:07:20 PM): Dont expect that every time. Just been fortunate I guess with the last 2 I found.

    I'm not complaining though

    Stallion (9/22/2008 5:12:42 PM): yea..

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 5:47:41 PM): you there dude?

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 6:18:14 PM): we're almost at 2nd target for the long cable Stal

    Stallion (9/22/2008 6:20:53 PM): yea...

    Stallion (9/22/2008 6:21:23 PM): remember ur trailing stops,man

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 6:21:31 PM): I moved my stop to +20 from entry and added a 20 point trailing stop.

    Stallion (9/22/2008 6:21:55 PM): yea...forget about targets for now....jus ride with it..

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 6:22:29 PM): I have a target price of 1.8600, but I'l have to keep adjusting that as it goes on.

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 6:24:26 PM): do you think a 20 point trailing stop is enough?

    Stallion (9/22/2008 6:25:14 PM): a 25 point might be better...

    Stallion (9/22/2008 6:25:31 PM): price is at 1.8579 right now..

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 6:25:52 PM): yeah and still climbing as well.

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 6:26:05 PM): changed trailing stop to 25 points now then.

    Stallion (9/22/2008 6:27:46 PM): cool

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 6:28:45 PM): has there ben some news, because the EURUSD is fling as well.

    Stallion (9/22/2008 6:31:23 PM): jus technical analysis, 105 pips in profits as we speak on the gbpusd buy


    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 6:32:25 PM): I think the price of oil has risen again today, maybe thats why the dollar is doing

    what its doing.

    Stallion (9/22/2008 6:33:58 PM): lol...oil and dollars don mix like 2 d**ks, else dey find demselves in serious sh**t

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 6:34:28 PM): 2 d**ks certainly dont mix! lol

    Stallion (9/22/2008 6:35:12 PM): 106 pips, $106 minilot,$1060 standard lot on gbpusd, less 40 pips.

    Chris Taylor (9/22/2008 6:36:15 PM): I'm at 101 pips. Just seen the 123 bottom pattern on the cable 15M chart as well

    for today. lol

    Stallion (9/22/2008 6:41:10 PM): cool..

  10. #20
    Join Date
    Aug 2008

    Default Conversations With Forexgreenland(The Matrix)

    [09:26:59 25/09/08] Stalion : hi everyone

    [09:28:30 25/09/08] Stalion : we put a sell stop at 1.8580...1st target @ 1.8555..2nd target

    @ 1.8540

    [09:43:14 25/09/08] caprica1 : morning stal

    [09:53:27 25/09/08] wilmart : Morng all

    [10:25:54 25/09/08] Stalion : hi there cap

    [10:35:15 25/09/08] Stalion : sell stop triggered

    [10:42:07 25/09/08] Stalion : remember to take half profits after +20 pips...

    [11:08:30 25/09/08] albashir : corect me if am wrong....its at 8588 now isn't it?

    [11:41:16 25/09/08] albashir : aproching 2nd target.

    [11:41:41 25/09/08] Stalion : yea

    [11:43:32 25/09/08] Stalion : about to

    [11:43:45 25/09/08] Stalion : helloo eugen

    [11:44:07 25/09/08] eugen3000 : hello Stal

    [11:44:34 25/09/08] Stalion : hope u've taken off half profits by now...? remember price

    doesnt move in a straight line,so we bank profits as soon as we can..

    [11:47:00 25/09/08] Stalion : price at 1.8850 now..

    [11:48:47 25/09/08] Stalion : target hit!

    [12:14:12 25/09/08] caprica1 : we hit 2nd target. Nice one

    [13:01:02 25/09/08] Stalion : so we made 40 pips off our call today...

    [13:01:55 25/09/08] Stalion : we then put a buy stop @ 1.8557, 1st target @ 1.8587

    [13:05:05 25/09/08] caprica1 : A BUY STOP?

    [13:08:00 25/09/08] masif1 : some critical news out at 1.30bst for the us

    [13:08:51 25/09/08] caprica1 : whats the news?

    [13:10:24 25/09/08] Stalion : yes

    [13:11:40 25/09/08] caprica1 : kool

    [13:12:25 25/09/08] Stalion : how critical is the news, masif?

    [13:15:38 25/09/08] Stalion : expectations on the US is quite negative....if news comes out

    lower dan expectations, we might see gbpusd shooting up..

    [13:16:18 25/09/08] Stalion : if news comes out as a surprise(higher dan expectations), it

    might affect the cable's rise..

    [13:18:14 25/09/08] caprica1 : we still keep the buy stop though?

    [13:21:36 25/09/08] Stalion : yes, we do

    [13:22:00 25/09/08] caprica1 : no probs boss.

    [13:22:34 25/09/08] caprica1 : it's just hit that 1st target Stal

    [13:22:46 25/09/08] Stalion : havent urs been hit??

    [13:22:54 25/09/08] Stalion : yes, it did

    [13:25:10 25/09/08] masif1 : target hit guys

    [13:25:24 25/09/08] masif1 : did we have a second?

    [13:25:58 25/09/08] masif1 : 30 pips from that and 40 pips earlier

    [13:26:04 25/09/08] caprica1 : I was just thinking the same thing. Only saw 1 target

    [13:26:11 25/09/08] masif1 : nice nice chicken and rice

    [13:26:12 25/09/08] caprica1 : happy with the pips though.

    [13:27:38 25/09/08] Stalion : lol....

    [13:27:49 25/09/08] Stalion : seems u like chicken and rice

    [13:28:26 25/09/08] Stalion : 70 pips should be okay for today, guys....

    [13:29:32 25/09/08] Stalion : u can still get back in again...

    [13:29:57 25/09/08] caprica1 : I'm happy with 70 pips. Thats a nice little return on the


    [13:30:08 25/09/08] caprica1 : not need to be too greedy

    [13:30:26 25/09/08] masif1 : i agree

    [13:30:32 25/09/08] masif1 : 70 pips is lovely

    [13:30:42 25/09/08] Stalion : lol...

    [13:40:57 25/09/08] Stalion : did u enter again, cap?

    [13:41:12 25/09/08] caprica1 : I would like the price to get down to 1.8510 to hit the

    target I've got for a 123 pattern I saw this morning.

    [13:41:19 25/09/08] caprica1 : No, didn't re-enter

    [13:44:29 25/09/08] caprica1 : have you re-entered Stal?

    [14:15:21 25/09/08] Stalion : okay...for today....not everyday u bank 70 pips in forex, man

    [00:08:45 26/09/08] Stalion : We put a buy stop @ 1.8400 on the gbpusd,1st target @

    1.8445,2ndtarget @ 1.8475, 3rd target @ 1.8528,40 pip stop loss..take half profits when +20 pips in profit

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