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    Default The 8th China (Guangzhou) International Investment & Finance Exposition, 2012

    The 8th China (Guangzhou) International Investment & Finance Exposition, 2012

    China Investment & Financing Event!
    Opportunity to Find Investors!
    Spread Corporate Images!

    Date: 24th –26th Feb,2012
    Venue: China Import and Export Fair (Pazhou) Complex (Located in Guangzhou)
    Organizer: China Investment Association
    China Finance Working Association
    The China Credit Insurance & Surety Association
    Hong Kong Foro International Exhibition Group

    Guangzhou Foro Exhibition Co.,Ltd
    Co-organizer:China Chamber of Commerce
    China Banking Association
    China Fiscal Industry Association
    Korea Taxin Consultants Co.,Ltd
    Success China Consultants Co.,Ltd
    Taiwan Deshun Management Consultant Co.,Ltd

    Strategic Cooperation Media:
    Integrated Financial Services Cooperation Platform:
    Appointed Financial Media:
    Online Partners:
    Invited Financial Website:

    The 8th China (Guangzhou) International Investment & Financing Expo

    The 8th China (Guangzhou) International Investment & Financing Expo is a showcase of achievements & advancements in the finance industry. It is a platform for international investment and financial institutions to display their corporate images, expand their business, promote their financial products and obtain more market shares. The all-round event will further meet the needs of investors in general demand for professional investment and financing, and will be the bridge of comprehensive communications and deep cooperation between financial institutions and investors both from home and abroad. With the help of high tech multiple media, the exhibition center will see surging crowds and create favorable investment climate. Most importantly, it is an opportunity for international companies to enter the growing Chinese market.
    Guangzhou’s Advantage as International Companies’ First Choice
    In December 2004, World Bank rated Guangzhou as A+ in investment climate. Guangzhou is one of the strategic centers of the Pan Pearl River Delta region, with a good air, port and rail system. It is also one of China’s three international communications access cities.

    Guangzhou's GDP reached Rmb821.6 billion in 2008, corresponding to a year-on-year growth of 12.3% and a 2.7% share of the GDP of the whole country. In terms of GDP, Guangzhou is next only to that of Shanghai and Beijing. Being the capital city of Guangdong province and a major commercial centre in southern China, Guangzhou occupies a significant position in the whole country and commands strong influence. The share of the tertiary industry in the city’s GDP had risen from 55% in 2000 to 59% in 2008. The per capita GDP of Guangzhou in 2007 was Rmb71,808, which was more than double that of Guangdong province (Rmb33,151).
    The private economic sector in Guangzhou has grown rapidly. Between 2001 and 2007, the number of private enterprises in the city rose by 170% from 52,000 to 140,000. Foreign capital plays a significant role in the city’s economic development. For instance, foreign-invested (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) enterprises accounted for 59% of the city’s total industrial output value in 2008. In 2007, there were 8,861 registered foreign-invested enterprises in the city, the largest number among all cities in Guangdong province.

    The per capita disposable income of urban households in Guangzhou increased by 12.9% to reach Rmb25,317 in 2008. Meanwhile, the per capita consumption expenditure rose by 9.9% to top Rmb20,836.
    The per capita disposable income of urban households in Guangzhou increased by 12.9% to reach Rmb25,317 in 2008. Meanwhile, the per capita consumption expenditure rose by 9.9% to top Rmb20,836. The average annual increase in per capita disposable income between 2004 and 2008 was 11% while that of per capita consumption expenditure was 12.3%.
    According to the statistics of 2007, the average per capita disposable income of high-income households reached Rmb43,366 while the average per capita consumption expenditure topped Rmb29,658.

    You are sincerely invited to attend the event held in Guangzhou to enjoy the endless business opportunities brought by the International Investment & Financing Expo.

    ◇Advantages of the Exposition
    1. The show time and venue are the best, and the colorful and exciting show activities will present you with a huge financial investment feast.
    2. Comprehensive and three-dimensional multimedia is adopted to achieve the best exposure and publicity of the exhibitor. Especially the combination of Internet and traditional media guarantees the effectiveness of our exhibition.

    3. Standard and professional operation. The organizer has rich exhibition experience, advanced technology and professional approaches to provide exhibitors and investors with the best quality services.

    ◇Positioning of our exhibition: Aimed to hold the most professional investment and financing feast with the largest scale and the most far-reaching influence in China and even in the world.

    ◇Scope of Exhibition:
    Banking category:
    Assets / Warranty / Banking Card / Finance Spinoff, Foreign Exchange Business / Gold Business etc.;

    Securities category:
    Stock, Forex, Fund, Bond, Futures, Trust Products;

    Insurance category:
    Life Insurance, Property Insurance, Investment Insurance;

    Investment/financing category:

    Enterprise Listing on Chinese and Overseas Exchanges, Venture Capital, Private Equity and Investment/Financing in technical projects, Seed/Early stage investing, Financing Guarantee;

    Property right category:
    Transaction/Property Right Replacement of Enterprises or their Patent Technology (Products);

    Technical equipment category:
    Finance Safety Facilities, Finance Machines & Devices, Online Banking, Online Securities, Online Insurance, E-Commerce, etc.;

    Agency category:
    Immigration, Accountant, Attorney, Assessors’ Office, Trademark & Patent, Privileged Business, Financial Corporation, Network, and Media;

    Luxury category:

    Artworks, Jewelries and King's Pictures, Stamps and other collections, Arts, Private Planes, Yachts, Sports Cars, Housing Vehicles, Rare Watches, Fashionable Dresses, Wines of Famous Brands, Cigar Collection and Auction, as well as all sorts of top-class House Property, Public Clubs, and Private Clubs.
    ◇Forums: Show various modern financing products, improve the investment awareness of citizens, spread scientific financing concept, meet the demands of citizens for financing products and professional financing services, and achieve win-win between enterprises and citizens.

    Stand Packages:

    Option1 Ready Stand (9 sqm )
    (Standard Booth) USD 2500/9 sqm

    Standard Items: ■ 1 x Table■ 2 x Chair ■ 2 x Fluorescent Lamp ■ 1 x Waste Paper Basket ■Three Sides of Wall Panel ■1 x board fascia with company name (Both Chinese & English)

    Raw Space (min 36sqm)
    USD 250/sqm
    Instructions: Fees for raw space include: exhibition area, security, and cleaning service (exclude management fees for special design)
    Remarks for Option1 :
    First, standard stand has two norms, 32.5m and 3m3m , the fee is the same.
    Second, open sides surcharge: Additional 10% (2 open sides), 20% (3 open sides).
    Remarks for Option2 :
    3, Management fee for deluxe, value added booth is USD5/sqm ( exclude water and electricity )

    Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

    A wide range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities tailored to exhibitors' unique needs and for those who wish to increase their ROI at the fair!
    ■ Advertisement in official Exhibition Directory (Catalogue ):
    Page location Price page Page location Price
    Back cover USD 3000/p Black and white pages USD 32/p
    The second cover USD 2000/p The introduction of words USD 160/p
    The third cover USD 1500/p The fee of design USD 130/p
    Color pages USD 1000/p The fee of making USD 32/p
    Notes : 1, the size of Catalogue is 140mm210mm.
    2, the fees above exclude the design fee and marketing fee. Please send copies and samples to the organization committee in time.

    Don't miss out this great opportunity to maximize your results! Contact us to enquire or book now!

    Procedures of Application for Participation
    1、All applications for participation shall be made on the Application Form which shall be submitted to the Organizers for approval. Application Form should be fully filled and stamped and sent to organization committee. Copies of Applicant’s company trade mark and business certificate are needed.

    2、Full payment must be received after committee’s confirmation within one week. Location of exhibition will be officially confirmed after full payment is received and the confirmation letter will be sent to exhibitor. Otherwise, organization committee has the right to adjust or cancel exhibitor’s booking of exhibition. Any Exhibitor canceling his space reserved shall not receive any refund.
    3、Organization committee will send the exhibitors handbook one month before the opening of the expo. All necessary information and instruction such as traffic, transportation, accommodation, booth construction and decoration and application for water and electricity will be timely informed.
    4、Expiry date is 10th Feb, 2012. We don’t guarantee that their advertisement will be in the Exhibition Directory if the application is over 20th Feb, 2012.
    5, Allocation of exhibition space will be on a first come first served basis.



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