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Thread: Forex Trading

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    Default Forex Trading

    Hey guys,

    I'm a freshmen and I started a forex and equities trading website with a friend. I was wondering if you could give it a quick glance and offer any comments you may have (it is only 2 days old so it is not swarming with information).

    Thanks a lot!

    The site is:

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    One of the best trading is getting SMS forex signals from a signal service. We send forex signals via SMS and mail. You can join us any time you want. Our March 2012 performance is 766 pips and we have got 216 pips in April, so far.

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    Before opening a forex account, the first and foremost thing forex traders should do is to find a reliable and regulated forex broker. This is the most important thing because a reliable and regulated forex broker will guarantee the safety of funds in forex trading and are able to provide good services, reliable platform etc.

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    The site is offline.. What happen?

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