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    Default This looks like scam

    In "" I found actual screen shots of EURUSD Trades.

    The Author claims he found a simple way to predict any market movement (stocks, futures, forex) and he is willing to do free of charge to prove his method works. All we have to do is ask him the counter and he will send the predictions by making trades on his demo account and he will send the screen shot on daily basis

    I asked him for EURGBP and he send me email with screen shots of actual trades made on 7th and 8th. I don't know whether to believe it or not. When I test the trade details with actual chart, it fits. May be he photoshop the numbers

    Is Trading really that simple?. Have any one heard about this blog?

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    Just check out his blog site. Look good for the results. But can it be EA?

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