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    Default Trade in short positions ahead Nonfarm payrolls report

    At the end of the business week are expecting positive news for U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls and Unemployment rate. According to the Unemployment rate may down to 4.0% while Nonfarm payrolls to release at levels between 200K and 240K. But first the focus is over EU GDP and ECB President Draghi's Speech on Thursday.
    The Dollar takes advantage over the Euro in the last 3 days and may continue with another 70-100 pips ahead the Friday's report.
    The trading strategy is to open short positions with target below 1.1750 while on Friday is possible new direction. As overall we do not expect big movements and trading within 1.1730-50 and 1.1890. - Forex, Stock, Energy and Metal Signals to the World

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    The November nonfarm payrolls report posed no threat to the Federal Reserve’s plans to raise interest rates next week a fundamental forex trading. At 228K job growth and 0.2% wage growth, the labor market is healthy enough for the central bank to move forward with 2017’s last round of tightening.

    Although NFPs was one of this week’s most anticipated economic releases, it had less of an impact on currencies than the Bank of Canada’s rate decision and the Brexit deal. The greenback ended the week higher against all of the major currencies and the question now is whether it can extend its gains into year end. On a fundamental basis, there are a few reasons why the dollar could end 2018 on a strong note. First and foremost is tax reform. As the tax conference between the House and Senate heats up, the GOP’s motivation to get a deal done before the end of the year should translate into positive progress and gains for the dollar.

    The second is repatriation – many U.S. corporations are expected to repatriate their earnings before the year closes to lower current tax obligations. This process creates demand for the dollar but the exact amount is difficult to tell as some foreign earnings could already be denominated in dollars. Secondly, the Federal Reserve is widely expected to raise interest rates in the week ahead and even if Yellen limits her forward guidance, the Fed’s outlook for gradual rate rises may remain unchanged because they have long been supported by Mr. Jerome Powell, who is poised to take over as Fed Chair in February.

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