Ali was defined by defiance. His quote "I don't have to be want you want me to be" was a slap in the face to doubters, haters and even killers in his midst. But in the hands of Nike, the commercial makes Lebron James sound more like a man imprisoned by relentless selfpity. I personally have no idea what I "want Lebron to be." Never thought about it. But after watching the ad, I know what I don't want him to be: the sort of person who would take Ali's sacrifice and courage and put them at the service of selling sneakers.

In honor of Food Network Star's mostgroundbreaking season yet, Susie Fogelson one half of the esteemed team of Food Network executives on the judges panel with judgementors Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis partnered with BaubleBar to add to her signature style in the form of fashionable jewelry. When it comes to dressing for TV and the office, Susie explains, "Regardless of the setting, I want the look to complement my personality," and regardless of the clothes or accessories, I always want the focus to be on what message I am delivering."

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