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    Default Forex Trading Benefits

    Forex has intrinsic qualities that we can not find no one else. The best way to learn Forex trading remains to test our trading platform to demo yourself and hone your trading strategies.

    The main advantages of trading Forex:

    1. Forex continuously open 24/24

    2. Forex never sleeps, or almost. Quota continuous 21H Sunday to Friday 23H. This has the advantage that in the responsiveness of your trading to economic news. You limit the risks of "gap" and you can react to real-time economic announcements that are published on the market
    Very high liquidity in the Forex

    3. With a daily volume of about 3 500 billion dollars, the Forex is by far the most liquid market in the world. It is possible to buy or sell at the market for 20 million euros in a single click on the SaxoTrader platform. This provides ample liquidity true flexibility to traders who can not be found trapped in the backlog of orders as is often the case in the equities market.

    Get a leverage of 100: 1
    Forex experiencing slight variations in terms of percentages, the leverage is necessary for any investor wishing to deal in Forex. Thus, Saxo Bank offers a leverage of 100: 1, which allows you to take positions in the market for cumulative amounts corresponding to 100 times the value of your account. Clearly it is not our policy to recommend it because the risks are very high in Rome and investor currency should be limited to a maximum gearing of 40: 1. Although used, this tool provides a real opportunity to leverage its values on the market.

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    I also love forex because I work from home and I am responsible for my own actions.

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    ability to go long/short and reverse positions quick and easily is also a pro and there is always volatility and if you see volatility there is always an opportunity...:-)


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