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    Default FXopen.Com - Market Master Win Demo Contest get $1000 ECN PAMM Account

    Contest Period
    - 1 Month
    - $2500
    The top 4 traders will be awarded real money prizes
    1st place - $1005
    2nd place - $255
    3rd place - $150
    4th place - $90
    Apart from that, any trader, who makes profit over 40%, will get a real money bonus.

    Registration is open until July 1, 2012
    Contest will be held 2-27 July 2012
    For more information, see the contest announcement on Market Master July

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    Default Interview With Market Master JUNE Contest WInner

    A 33-year-old female trader from Moldova becomes a manager of a PAMM ECN account.

    A 33-year-old female trader from Moldova has wins a Forex trading contest in May and gets the chance to manage a PAMM ECN account with the balance of $1020.
    In the recent monthly contest FX Market Masters May a trader under the username WWWW has won the first prize and the chance to manage a PAMM ECN account. It turned out the winner is a female trader from Moldova. She came a clear first out of 666 participants. The winner increased her starting demo account balance from $5 000 up to $52 710. And her profit was 945%!

    Was there a secret success strategy behind this amazing win? We contacted the winner and she answered a few questions for us and shared her thoughts on Forex trading and contests.
    Please tell us a few words about yourself.
    - I am 33 years old. I was born and live in Moldova. I work as a manager. Married.
    How long have you been trading Forex? How did you start to trade?

    - I learned about Forex from friends 2 years ago.

    How long have you been participating in FXOpens ForexCup competitions? Do you participate in any other competitions sponsored by other brokers at the same time? How did you learn about the ForexCup project?
    - I learned about ForexCup from an ad on the Internet. Ive been taking part in

    ForexCup contests almost since the start of this project. I also took part in several Forex trading contests sponsored by other brokers. But I like ForexCup more.
    What benefits and drawbacks can you point out, how can we further improve ForexCup?
    - I would like to take part in a contest on live accounts. Apart from that, i do not see any drawbacks. I like your contests a lot.

    Is Forex trading and participation in the competitions your primary income or it is just an additional hobby?
    - Forex trading is a hobby that brings a small income, too.

    When did you realize that you started to win the competition? Describe your emotions at the moment when you became the winner of the competition.
    - Up until the last minute of the contest I was in the second place. Only when the contest ended, I realized that I won.

    What is the secret of your successful trading? What helped you to win?
    - Constant practice and luck.

    How do you plan to spend the prize? Is it your real aim to become a manager of a PAMM ECN account or do you want to withdraw the prize and spend it on something else?
    - I will use the prize for trading. Maybe, I will be lucky.

    Could you please give some advice to all traders and participants of ForexCup competitions?
    - Join a ForexCup trading contest at least once. You will be lucky and you will win.
    We would like to congratulate the winner on the brilliant result! Keep up the great trading and high profits!
    We also invite everyone to join Forex trading contests at! Join FXOpens Forex trading contest in July, win and become a manager of a PAMM ECN account without any initial investment. The Managers Capital worth of $1000 will be provided by FXOpen.
    ForexCup Market Master JULY Registration is open until July 1st. As usual, registration is free! Do not miss your chance to sign up!
    Click here for more details on July's trading contest.

    FXOpen AU Pty Ltd is now regulated by ASIC

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    We announce a start of applying for participation in the contest between traders FX Market Masters September 2012, in which a winner will get a post of PAMM ECN account manager with a balance of $1000.

    The terms of the competition:
    Participation is free;
    Start-up deposit $5000 and a leverage 1:100 are provided;
    Currency pairs: 28;
    Lot: from 0.1 to 1 (one order can be opened with only 1 lot);
    Maximum number of orders (including pending ones): 5;
    Minimum: 50 participants;
    Advisors are prohibited;
    Lock is forbidden;
    Minimum number of trades: 20;
    Minimum volume of all trades (in lots): 20.

    There are 7 prizes:
    1st place - $1000 + bonus;
    2nd place - $400 + bonus;
    3rd place $200 + bonus;
    4th place - $120 + bonus;
    5th place - $100 + bonus;
    6th place - $100 + bonus;
    7th place - $80 + bonus.

    All details about the contest
    you can find at


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