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    Enter a New Trading Year with FX Market Masters January

    Do you still doubt that FX Market Masters is the most fascinating contest at ForexCup? No, it can’t be true!

    If you keep on insisting on otherwise, we invite you to join FX Market Masters January and check it out! By popular demand, ForexCup starts 2015 with a new round of the largest Forex trading competition, so you have every chance to prove your position.

    ForexCup launches the 4-week long contest for traders on January 12, 2015. The participants are to operate in competitive and achievement-oriented conditions for the prizes sponsored by FXOpen. The prize and bonus fund amount to US$4500, it’s worth contending for it.

    Five leaders of the competition will get real-money rewards to their live accounts. All the contestants who increase start-up deposit by 10 percent receive bonus for profitable trading. The main attraction of the competition is a PAMM Account with US$1,020 deposit for the winner.

    Try out new strategies with your favorite currency pairs on Demo accounts. Keen rivalry ensures that you won’t slack off. In the Forex competition, you can evaluate your trading skills and secure your trading experience on live accounts from certain mistakes.

    Remember, that FX Market Masters is even-chance contest and every participant could be the winner.

    It is not enough to gain the lead at a certain moment. To win the competition one should keep the high ranking in the tournament leaderboard. Who is going to win this time?

    Tell everyone about the FX Market Masters January contest! The more people participate in the competition, the larger the prize fund is!

    Important! You are required to have at least US$9 in your e-Wallet to register to take part in the tournament. You can add funds to your account via any payment system. If you have funds available in your FXOpen trading account, you can transfer the needed sum to your e-Wallet. Go to your account.

    FX Market Masters January 2015 Terms:

    1st place
    – 68%*;
    2nd place –15%*;
    3rd place – 10%*;
    4th place – 5%*;
    5th place – 2%*
    *- % of the competition prize fund or of the guaranteed prize unless the contest prize fund is less than US$1,500.

    • 1% of the profit made during the competition will be added to the account of the traders, able to increase the provided start-up deposit by 10 % or more;
    Declared bonus budget – US$3,000.

    Key dates:
    December 17, 2014
    – registration starts;
    January 26, 2015 – registration ends;
    January 12, 2015 – competition starts;
    February 6, 2015 – competition ends;
    February 9, 2015 – summing-up.

    Terms of the contest:
    Entry fee: US$9;
    TRADING PLATFORM: MetaTrader 4 (download);
    Contest account: competition ECN;
    Start-up deposit: US$5,000;
    Leverage: 1:100;
    EA: allowed;
    Locking: allowed;
    Lot volume: from 0.1 to 1 (maximum 1 lot per order);
    Number of orders, open at a time (including pending orders): maximum 5;
    • The liquidation of the contest PAMM ECN/STP account: 3 trading months after its opening with more than 60 trades made in the PAMM ECN account and more than 120 trades – in the PAMM STP.

    Additional Restrictions:
    • Total trades minimum quantity : 20;
    • Total trades minium volume (lots) : 20.

    Dear Traders,
    Please, pay your attention to the fact that your trades are automatically closed at the end of the contest. Therefore, the closing price may be either the same as the market closing price, or differ from it – because your trades are usually closed not immediately, but with some delay.

    Basic requirements to be eligible for a prize/bonus:
    • Minimum number of trades – 20 trades of 20 lots’ total volume;
    • Make at least one post in the corresponding thread of FXOpen Forum (otherwise prizes and bonuses will be withheld);
    • A brief interview when the contest is over is an obligatory requirement to be eligible for the main prize (ForexCup team will proved the question list).

    Useful links:
    How to participate in competitions;
    Competition Rules;
    Guide on ForexCup Prizes and Bonuses
    Forum Thread Contest Discussion.

    Follow ForexCup Facebook Page for contests announcements, interviews and motivation.

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    FX Insight! Test Your Luck! Hit the Mark! (EUR/USD on 31.01.2015)

    FXOpen regularly holds a competition where the Winner can get $30.

    Currency pair: EUR/USD
    Date for determination of the course: closed at 22:59 30.01.2015 (terminal time)
    Acceptance of rates will be ended: January, 27
    Date of announcement the winner’s name: February, 2
    Prize: $30 to STP

    Please, note that now the competition accounts are changed from Micro to STP. Now the rate must be predicted using five fraction digits – 0,12345 (3 fraction digits for JPY pairs).

    How to participate?

    You have to leave a message at Forum with your prediction for exchange quotation concerning the CURRENCY PAIR, mentioned in the competition.

    Determination of the winner

    A participant, who mentioned the exact closing price for the currency pair or the closest variant, will BECOME A WINNER. If a few persons mention close variants, the winner will be the one, who was the first one to do it. The close price for the currency pair will be taken from FXOpen trading terminal after the closing of trades on Friday by Bid price.

    Rules of the competition Guess the exchange rate

    1. You have to add your forum’s nickname to your prediction (for example, nickname – your prediction);
    2. Spreads between participants’ should be no less than 50 points. For example, if there has been already made a prediction for 1.74000, all other participants should CHOOSE variants not closer than 1.73950 or 1.74050;
    3. You can’t repeat someone else’s rate;
    4. Each participant are able to make only one prediction;
    5. You are not able to change or delete your prediction;
    6. If your prediction has been declined, you can leave ONE new predict which totally comply with the rules. Please, be attentive - just one prediction from one user can be in the list of accepted rates
    All the prediction, which do not comply with previous paragraphs, will be deleted.

    The terms of withdrawal of the prize

    1. If you want to withdraw your prize, you have to make at least 5 deals of any lot;
    2. Each trade should be with profit or loss (+-) 40 points;
    3. Each deal should be OPENED for at least 10 minutes.


    If you want to increase your chances to become a winner, you should:
    1. Download an FXOpen trading terminal;
    2. Open STP account for free

    Please, check your rate according to the rules of the contest before the publishing. Pay your special attention to the rule spreads between participants’ should be no less than 50 points.

    Go to the Contest Page Here!

    ForexCup Announcements.

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