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    Default Free 10$ Welcome Bonus - No Deposit Bonus

    IncoNeon Offer - Free 10USD for the first account.

    How to get bonus?

    1. Fill in the registration form
    2. Upload in trading cabinet scan copy of your ID document containing your photo
    3. Right after your ID will be verified by our staff the bonus will be added to your account

    Bonus rules

    1. Bonus value is $10
    2. Profit from trading on a bonus account can be withdrawn anytime
    3. The cost of the 1st withdrawal from a bonus account is $10. After you send the first withdrawal request on this account $10 will be deducted automatically. This rule applies only to the first withdrawal
    4. Only one bonus account can be opened by one person. In case several accounts of this type are found belonging to same person (or if such suspicions arise, including IP address match, contact info match, etc), all the bonuses and the profit will be cancelled.
    5. Trading conditions on bonus account are the same to XXXL account. There is only onedifference: margin call/stop out on bonus accounts is 110/100%.
    6. No IB commission is added for trading on bonus accounts.
    7. Bonus is added to verified accounts only
    8. Once a week accounts from «Bonus group» not containing bonus can be moved to XXXL group.
    9. Inconeon reserves the right to modify bonus rules without prior notification.
    10. To proceed the withdrawal from the Bonus account you should have verified payment details.
    11. Minimum withdrawal amount from Bonus accounts is 10 USD

    Get Bonus Now

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    FREE $ 10 welcome bonus, which is that of free activities

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    I wished I could get this bonus. I will have to try this soon. Hope there will be bonuses to be found here.

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