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    Default Can Binary Options Strategy double up our money??

    I am newbie here and new to the Binary Options world. However, a couple of month ago I have joined with 24Option broker and now I want to use trading strategy on my trade. Though I have gathers a few knowledge about Binary Options strategy from different sources like Blog, Forum, Newsletter etc. One more remark, right this moment can I use trading signal for better chances to make quick money?
    Thanks in Advance!!

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    I don't think so. Most of them will cheat us. you can believe me..
    For the first will have good return from, then they will starting to increase dirty ways.

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    Yes, you can sir. Trade binary is more simple. we just to decide the contract interval expiry and decide to take put or call. Then the profit percentage will be decided automatically by system, if your trade perfectly, you will gain more than 90% from your trade amount.

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    Using binary replicator feature, you might double up your money in a longer process. oh wait, there is no shortcut way of becoming rich in trading.

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