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    Default Cliq FX - Broker News

    CLIQ FX is the name of excellence and top notch financial service provider.

    Our task is to develop and introduce innovative ideas and services that provide our clients with opportunities to achieve their highest goals.

    Our concept is to amaze a client with instant execution of orders and quick withdrawal of funds. We provide our customers with the opportunity to earn money in many ways and even without investing funds.

    Our mission is to develop innovative solutions while keeping pace with global market demands. We provide our clients with opportunity to expand their investment objectives to unlimited levels.
    Today we are proud to represent all of these features in CLIQ FX brand.


    CLIQ FX gives you direct access to the world of online trading. We make world markets instantly available with the opportunity to experience the lifestyle of a modern trader with CLIQ FX.

    The Forex market is the most volatile financial instrument. All the charm of the Forex market is the opportunity to receive huge profits in small time intervals. This is the largest market in the world with the highest liquidity level. It gives opportunity to earn from a fall of one currency, leading to a growth of another currency. Thus, traders can make money under any circumstances, no matter what.

    Commodity is a primary product that is traded internationally. Investors buy and sell goods through futures contracts on exchanges. Traditionally traded commodities include gold, iron ore, crude oil, salt, sugar, tea, coffee beans, copper, rice, wheat, silver, platinum, etc.

    Shares and indexes:
    In the case of financial markets, the stock and bond market indexes consist of a portfolio of securities representing a specific market or part of it. Values of grouped stocks are used to calculate the index value. Any change in the share price leads to a change in the value of the index. Thus, the index indicates changes on the market.

    In CLIQ FX, we believe in 100% customer satisfaction, as we provide the fastest possible execution of transactions. We offer more than 90 world-famous trading tools, so right now you can choose trading with any tool using time-tested software MetaTrader4.

    Our Platforms:


    Deposits and withdrawals

    We are constantly working on adding new payment methods. You can choose the most suitable method according to your requirements.

    Our advantages and uniqueness:

    For traders:
    - 5 Demo accounts identical to 5 Real accounts
    - possibility to trade with minimum lot starting from 0,01p
    - choice of leverage from 1:500 to 1:1
    - minimal trade from 100 USD
    - deposits/withdrawals of funds without commissions
    - dedicated Robo trading account that allows high-frequency trading
    - no restrictions on the number of transactions
    - access to the database of free training materials from mentors and trainers of the company
    - training courses to improve trading skills

    For investors
    - work with a personal manager
    - large selection of deposit/withdrawal ways
    - 24-hours technical support
    - individual approach

    For MAM managers and investors
    - the ability to earn unlimited income
    - choice of manager for investment
    - create a personal investment portfolio
    - diversification of risks for investors in order to minimize losses
    - the managing trader increases his profit at the expense of investments
    - for managing traders there are no restrictions on their income opportunities

    For partners
    - ability to earn unlimited income
    - working with personal manager
    - possibility of receiving a reward for each invited client
    - possibility of earning up to $20 per 1 lot traded by a client
    - advanced Personal Account interface
    - ability to receive your reward immediately
    - withdrawal of funds in 1 click, even after each closed transaction
    - agents can also get reward from their own trade
    - statistical reports in real time
    - free marketing support
    - personal manager for a partner of any level

    Contacts for communication:

    Address: 2508, HDS Business Center, Cluster M, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai

    Our sites:

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    White yacht, Rolls-Royce, a villa on the ocean, and many, many suitcases of money ... This looks like an average state of happiness! You will say: "... Well, yes, Ilon Mask, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg - it's about them. And I'm not Rockefeller at the end. And still, in my pocket is not much, but there are many ideas in my head. Would be nice to be lucky!"

    It all sounds like an American dream. It seems so far ...
    But what we will tell you, that everything is much closer. All you need is to use the chances that life gives and become a Winner!

    People fall into two categories: some people live, others watch them.
    And you're the winner in life, right? And definitely want to LIVE as you deserve!?

    And you know !? ... You have all the chances and everything is in your hands.
    Do you agree? Then here is ready solution from CLIQ FX- no need to invest, only your desire and diligence required!

    CLIQ FX Company announces a competition on DEMO-accounts.
    After 2-month trades there will be 16 winners, with Real Money!
    Some of you will take and receive:

    Interested when it all starts?

    To participate, you need to take a few simple steps:

    Register on our website

    Open a competitive account named DEMO-Contest

    Complete the verification

    Trading conditions:
    • Each participant will have a conditional (virtual) DEMO account of $ 10,000 with a leverage of 1:100.
    • The minimum trading volume that will be provided for the competition is 0.01 lot.
    • The maximum trading volume that will be provided for the competition is 1000 lots.
    • The maximum number of simultaneously open positions / pending orders during the competition is 200.
    • The ranking of the contestants with their statistics will be available on the website at

    One more bonus - every contestant before the contest can increase their deposit!
    For this you need to do:

    The conditions are more than loyal:

    • Number of transactions: 50 or more.
    • Allowed Total drawdown by equity (Maximal Drawdown): 30%.
    • Ability to use robots, software, advisors: prohibited.
    • Arbitration: prohibited.
    • The minimum number of pips in the transaction: no restrictions.
    • Minimum time for transaction completion: no restrictions.
    • Achieving the maximum possible increase in the deposit: no restrictions

    You only need to take part!
    For registration and detailed information click "Apply"

    We wish you success!

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    16 prizes!
    1st PLACE (1 prize-winner) - 5000 $
    2nd PLACE (5 winners) - 2000 $
    3rd PLACE (10 winners) - 1000 $

    What other arguments you have for not participating?

    Click the link below to find out the details!
    Become a member of

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