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  Tuesday th 2nd


FBS broker

FBS unlike the majority of brokerages worldwide offers the widest choice of trading services and options designed specifically to fit any trading style.

FBS include cent, dollar and ECN/STP accounts, with both fixed and floating spreads. We offer general Forex currency pairs for trading as well as a wide variety of CFDs, futures, indices, and other trading tools that became so popular these days. FBS is fully licensed and regulated by FSC under a financial brokerage license.

Founded in 2006 by a group of independent financial companies, FBS Holdings Inc is on top of modern Forex industry with highly qualified sales staff and customer care team.

The website
FBS broker website
The trading platform
FBS trading platform - 1 : open a free demo account
The trading platform
FBS trading platform - 2 : open a free demo account
The Website Open a FREE demo account

Why do you have to choose the forex broker FBS ?

One of the strongest advantages of FBS is our in-house analytical department. Our analysts provide round-the-clock analytic support, with over 120 total market news, comments, opinions, predictions and many more. Our analysts also provide comments for several business broadcasting companies and TV shows.

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