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Thread: For a Newbie

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    Talking For a Newbie

    Learn the basic Forex on my blog.
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    Actually it is easy to earn money and the money amount is a lot.No one once to earn money from home. If a newbie wants to earn money and know how to get profit easily, study the forum and open an account ..... You may follow the link

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    According to me The best broker for newbie for Forex trading is xDIRECT because they are reliable and genuine....,they offer maximum leverage of 1:400 and 45 pairs of international currency...and also provide Free Guaranteed Stop Loss and Automatic rollover...,and minimum deposit of 1000 USD....Go for "xDIRECT" demo account

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    I have learned Forex trading by trading with OctaFX Brokerage Company. When i started i had no clue but just because of their amazing support and service i am able to not only just learn Forex trading but also was able to make good profits consistently and not to forget to mention their incredible bonus offering of 50% because of which even a person with low deposit is able to make great income.

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