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    Default New to forex, need advice

    Hello. Iím somewhat new to Forex. I opened a $1,000 practice account last night to test some different things on. One was a strategy which was given to me by a broker. The strategy only ran for about 16 hours or so, and here are the results:

    Pips: +156
    P/L: 158
    Amount Traded: 160k
    Trades: 16 (13 wins, 3 losses)

    I was quite surprised when I check them. Out of all 6 strategies tested, this one had the biggest ROI. I looked at the 30-day track record for this particular strategy, and discovered that the results 30-day results where consist when what I had last night (+2300 pips in the last 30 days). I am very eager to open a live account and start taking advantage of this, but the fact that Iíve only ever used practice accounts makes me nervous (and a $1,000 investment is a lot for me). Is there anything I should be apprehensive about, or watch out for?

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    Forex is offering you the opportunity to make some good profit, but let me tell you it's not for everyone and certainly not for the persons who are risk averse and very cautious about money. It rather requires the hard-work of studying the market trends and making a profit out of it.
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    Although the practice went well, the forex markets can be volatile at times and I would bear this in mind.

    In my opinion it could be risk worth taking but maybe $1000 it a bit steep for a first investment, but as they say fortune favours the brave

    Best of luck

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