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    Default I need suggestions

    I'm new to Forex and going to all the usual places for learning.babypips, etc. - but a friend sent me this training video today. Does anyone have any opinions? Here is the website:

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    it is not the first time finding out this kind of advertisements. I am not sure letting programs working and making decisions with my money, especially in high fluctuations times these. I prefer keep informed and have a customized platform. I’ve been trying etoro, mt4 and famous brokers as Oanda, but by now I’m trading with Tradeviewforex, I’m still taking practice but I’m doing great. Scope

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    For newbie, it is better to start trading with demo accounts. Choose forex brokers that have demo account because it will help you enhance your trading skills. It is more than tutorial because you will feel as if you are trading real money. So better find brokers that offers these features.
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    Default How To Get Started In FOREX Trading

    The foreign exchange market (Forex) offers many advantages to investors. But you need to know where to begin.

    This short guide will give you the Forex basics, so you can quickly start participating in this fast growing market.

    In the past, foreign exchange trading was limited to large players such as national banks and multi-national corporations. In the 1980's the rules were changed to allow smaller investors to participate using margin accounts. Margin accounts are the reason why Forex trading has become so popular. With a 100:1 margin account, you can control $100,000 with a $1,000 investment.

    A Learning Curve

    Forex is not simple, though, so you'll need some knowledge to make wise investment decisions. Although it is relatively easy to start trading on the Forex, there are risks involved.

    Your first move as a beginner should be to find out as much as possible about the market before risking a dime.

    Find A Broker

    Forex traders usually require a broker to handle transactions. Most brokers are reputable and are associated with large financial institutions such as banks. A reputable broker will be registered as a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as protection against fraud and abusive trade practices.

    Open an Account

    Opening a Forex account is as simple as filling out a form and providing the necessary identification. The form includes a margin agreement which states that the broker may interfere with any trade deemed to be too risky. This is to protect the interests of the broker, since most trades are done using the broker's money.

    Once your account has been established, you can fund it and begin trading.

    Many brokers offer a variety of accounts to suit the needs of individual investors. Mini accounts allow you to get involved in Forex trading for as little as $250. Standard accounts may have a minimum deposit of $1000 to $2500, depending on the broker. The amount of leverage (how much borrowed money you can use) varies with account type. High leverage accounts give you more money to trade for a given investment.

    Trades are commission-free, meaning that you can make many trades in one day without worrying about incurring high brokerage fees. Brokers make their money on the 'spread': the difference between bid and ask prices.

    Paper Trading

    Beginning traders are strongly advised get accustomed to Forex by doing "paper trades" for a period of time. Paper trades are practice transactions that don't involve real capital. They allow you to see how the system works while learning how to use the various software tools provided by most Forex brokers.

    Most online brokers have demo accounts that allow you to make free paper trades for up to 30 days. Every new Forex investor should use these demo accounts at least until they are consistently showing profits.

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    I don't think that anyone can be so dumbo that cannot make out what's wrong and what's right for him. Knowledge is what the basic need and very important step to start off with. Learning about forex will become easy if you are really interested in it.
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    First beginners must practice in demo account and learn about Forex trading business by internet searching and you can also learn about Forex trading business with the help of tutorials.The demo account is very important because it gives you the experience you need for trading and the best strategy for beginner is scalping,it is good and easy & have low risk.

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    First thing- take demo account practice very seriously. There are not much of differences between demo account and live account trading. They are same. We trade with same trends using same strategies as in real accounts. The only difference is that we trade with fake money in demo accounts. And it is the best part. It is because I think throwing up the real money in unknown trade is foolish thing to do just than learning how to do the trade first.

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    you can just try to ask mario singh about it, he's an expert about forex.

    fx news

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    Funds Required:

    Margin trading is a common word used in “trading”. In simple language it means trading with borrowed capital. This method of trading enables one to open positions of huge amounts like $10,000 to $100,000 with small amounts ranging from $50 to $1,000. In short, margin trading enables one to carry out large transactions with very low initial capital. Margin trading in the Forex Market is quantified as “lots”. The term “lots” can be defined as the minimum amount of currency one has to buy. When you decide to “close” your position (meaning completing your transaction – buy & sell), the amount originally invested by you for that particular transaction is credited to your account. Subsequently the profit/loss calculation is done and accrued amount is credited/debited to your account.


    Rollover means you carry over your trade to the next day. For this one has to pay or earn interest, which is related to one’s established margin and position. In order to avoid the roll over interest, all your positions should be closed before the end of that particular market day i.e. 5:00 pm EST.

    Rollover Interest is a fundamental part of Forex Trading. Every currency trade involves borrowing of one currency to buy another. One pays interest on the currency one has borrowed whilst earns interest on the currency that is bought. If the difference between the two interests is positive, one earns interest or vice versa. It is suggested that you seek more specific information on this aspect from your broker.

    Demo Trading:

    Almost all Forex brokers allow their potential clients to open a free demo account. This is a “Virtual” account with all “Real-time” features. This account is offered “Free” so that a potential client can learn the ins and outs of Forex Trading without taking any risk. This works as a perfect Tutorial for the Client, generating interest and confidence to go in for Real time Forex Trading.

    It is also suggested that you familiarize yourself with “PIP” values and how Profit/Loss is calculated before venturing into Forex Trading. We recommend you practice on paper or using online demo accounts for at least 6 months before you jump in with real money.

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    How many business days will it take for the users to get paid here?

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