Hi all,

I am trading in Forex market for about half year, same as you I used forexfactory economic events, and it was good, I got good results "jumping on the wave" on high and medium impact news, it was good .

But then I realized, that it would be awesome to have a tool where you by youself can set what exact currencies you track most, what event types you need and most important when to receive them (no one likes to track Forex at night). So I came up with idea, that economic events could be sent to me via SMS short messages into my mobile phone.

So that where it started, I did some research and to be honest found no provider that could provide such service, and came with idea that I can create such service by myself, still, I'm a developer.

So after several months of hard development I can introduce you with http://www.fxsmsalert.com, where you can prepay your account with credits and receive those events you need everywhere, and the best point is that you get INSTANTLY actual value (or outcome) of that event. Even quicker than forexfactory finds out.

To get this idea better watch 1 minute introduction of this service:

Hope this will be helpful for you too. Btw, please, ask questions, leave comments, feature requests, stuff like that, I'm open-minded person and will improve this service over time, just want to know what people need.