On the daily chart of the pair a version of marking of the second and last figure of Double Combination (of December 23, 2007) included into development of «{с} or {iii}» wave with basic cycle of optimization of market data in one week is presented.

Previous week did not leave any doubts concerning [g]-segment completion of NeoWave Diametric Formation figure with higher degree [C]-wave which is a part of NeoWave Reverse Alternation Triangle.
Having resumed the analyzed Diametric I should consider that the structure of its last [g]-segment was clearer on the weekly chart and the daily chart brought in considerably strong uncertainty with a difficulty in determining of start point of higher degree [D]-wave till the beginning of [f]-segment is not attained for shorter time than it was taken to form this segment of Diametric.

Hence the analysis of initial stage of [D]-wave development has revealed the following features of development with consequent observations and presumptions:
-The beginning of impulsive development is quite evident and taking into account the calculations of [D]-wave amplitude it is logically to presume the formation of Zigzag within this wave with impulsive [a] and [c] waves of lower degree.
-The formation of marked (2)-wave is also interesting as a figure of Running Correction providing certain obligations for further development of wave activity. In these cases Running Correction will possibly represent the second wave of Impulsion where the third wave can attain 261.8% correlation by amplitude to (1)-wave but not less than 161.8 correlation. At present minimal amplitude 161.8 was broken and there are no grounds to consider the fact that the correlation 261.8% cannot be attained.
-According to Running Correction there is less possible variant of Elongated Zigzag development if it is a part of higher degree Triangle. Hence Reverse Alternation Triangle excellently meets the requirements of necessary conditions and taking into account the guiding line on final amplitude of [D]-wave the structure of this wave is very possible by type of Elaborate Correction that consists of two or three Standard Corrections. In this case unlike first simple variant the main guiding lines for further calculations are the development in channels and other features natural to corrective figures.

Having resumed the above observations we have considerably positive grounds to keep long-term short positions with the targets below 1.43.

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