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    Default new wave analysis on eur/usd

    The result of the beginning of the week neither confirmed nor disproved the expectations of close Diametric [e]-wave completion. Without a reliable [e]-wave structure the key moment will be a firm break of the current week top that coincides with 61,8% retracement of the last bearish m94 monowave. Only in such case we can expect Diametric [f]-wave development. Nevertheless [f]-wave will not have any signs of strong bullish trend and its amplitude (in absolute/limiting values) should not be longer than [d]-wave and it will be evidently in rather broad boundaries from 1.40 to 1.43.

    In any case at the break of 1.3740 planning of short-term buying positions with minimal targets up to 1.40 is very logic.

    Here You may also find current Technical and Fundamental Analyses

    With respect,
    Alex Smith

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    Default oil price

    thanks how about oil price ? is it going below $70?
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    Default Thank you for trying

    Thank you for trying, mate, really - that is a lot of effort.

    If it does not reach the conclusions after all that - is it any wonder that EW falls into disrepute even though the only way to know where the market is going to go is to ACCURATELY assess the EW patterns.

    Now I know that when you get 12 wavers in a room that you get 14 wave predictions and considerable bloodletting and I mean you no disrespect at all. It is just that I have found that there are no waves beyond "C" in a correction but that the extensions have been mishandled. This makes EW the simple 5 wave / 3 wave system which is actually running at all times and no need for convoluted scenarios and alternates.


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    Great one dude... it helped me a lot to understand many aspects on which i had little doubts... thanks a lot and can you just check out if there is any link on OIL prices and also its outlook and any impact of this liquidity infusion on the chart patterns as a whole.

    Thanks in advance
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