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    Smile AceTraderFx Sept 17: Intra-Day News & Views (USD/CAD) & data to be released today

    Intra-Day Market Moving New and Views USD/CAD

    17 Sep 2014 USD/CAD

    Yesterday the news conference by Bank of Canada, Poloz's views & statement:
    Bank of Canada is neutral on interest rates;
    Poloz: asked about dropping neutral bias, says will give all the new data full consideration at next monetary policy report.
    What happens next on the economy is still a big question mark for us.
    Still a strong case for waiting and seeing.
    Housing sector's bounce back from winter was a little more rigorous than we expected to see.
    Base case remains that pieces are in place for gradual reduction in household imbalances.
    Could take a year for jobs to return after pickup of exports.
    Believes there is some slack in job market not measured by jobless rate, but it is hard to measure.
    Estimates about 200,000 youth have withdrawn from workforce, maybe another 100,000 in prime age category are discouraged.
    Canadian rates are already higher than U.S. rates.

    Earlier news: "the Bank of Canada is not trying to manipulate or even guide markets as to the value of the Canadian dollar" Governor Stephen Poloz said on Tuesday, adding that this gives the bank freedom not to match possible U.S. interest rate hikes.
    "floating rates helped Canada ride the tides of the global economy without overheating or unduly slowing."
    "Trying to hold the dollar constant would give us larger fluctuations in unemployment, output and inflation, and in the end would not help us maintain our international competitiveness."

    Many analysts have suggested Poloz, former head of Export Development Canada, prefers a weak currency in order to boost the exports, are needed to take over from households as the driver of growth. The Canadian dollar has fallen 7 percent against the U.S. greenback since he took office.

    Wednesday will see the release of New Zealand's current account, Bank of England minutes, U.K. average earnings, claimant count unemployment, ILO unemployment, Swiss ZEW investor sentiment, eurozone inflation, U.S. core CPI, CPI, current account, NAHB housing market index, FOMC rate decision and monetary policy statement.

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    Smile AceTraderFx Jun 16: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views USD/CAD

    Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views
    16 Jun 2016

    USD/CAD - ....... Reuters then reported Canadian growth is likely to be flat or slightly negative in the second quarter due to the impact of the Alberta wildfires before an outsized recovery takes hold in the third quarter, remarks by the Bank of Canada.

    In a speech that served as an update to the central bank's most recent forecast in April, Governor Stephen Poloz said that on the whole, the economy was making progress as it adjusted to low oil prices.

    Poloz said that with the growth is expected to be "very choppy", the second and third quarters could still see an average growth rate close to the April outlook.
    In his prepared remarks he said that continued patience is required, but they have the right to be optimistic. His message is that the process has been uneven, and probably will remain so, but they are making real progress now. He continued to say that nonetheless, the slumping investment spending plans in the energy sector and the possibility that households will suddenly curb their spending amid high debt levels present risks to the outlook.

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