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    Default Trump continues moves the forex market

    The United States president elections are the main moving factor for this month. The election of Donald Trump and the first talks about his program is the key signal for the investors. In the first three hours the traders sell dollars while later the dollar recovery the losses and even gain about 150 pips.
    In the coming week expect to see exit of the short positions as the dollar may lose the recent gains but not so much. The key support level for EURUSD is at 1.0830 as the breaks below the level we can see 1.0740. The first resistance is at 1.0935 followed by 1.1000. trading strategy is long positions in the first half of the week when we can see 1.0935 or 1.1000 as then is possible reverse down to the levels of 1.08.
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    Trump effectively moves the market, has been doing even being a candidate for president and today even more as president if we do not see how the congress, a handful of rank-and-file House Democrats have filed articles of impeachment even though U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is still investigating whether Trump's campaign worked with Russia in the last year's election. Russia has repeatedly denied meddling and Trump has called the investigation to "witch hunt."

    Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi said earlier this month that she would not make impeachment to priority if her party won the House next year but Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer has said it is premature to consider impeachment.

    Democrats will have to win in areas that backed Trump last year in order to gain control of the House of Representatives and the Senate but even in Texas the party's left-wing base is pressing candidates to stop the president by any means necessary.

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