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Thread: How to Find the Best Forex Trading Methods?

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    Default How to Find the Best Forex Trading Methods?

    How do you go about finding the best forex trading methods? Well, there are two main ways. You find someone who is willing to share their forex trading secrets with you or you develop your own forex trading system that is sure to make you millions.
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    I use charts,analysisnews and advisory expert systems.

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    Default The best way to see if anybody knows what they are talking about is

    The best way to see if any of the Forex gurus are more than just hot air
    is to ask the 'winners' to trade your account for you.

    In 2 years of trying, I have only found one person doing it successfully for me and he is up 30% for 3 months on mine and 246% for the last 12 months on his and will trade more.

    I am still looking for more because I want a pool of traders.

    However I have found much simpler ways of making money on the web and I believe it is important for traders to have varied income sources for when the market is flat or in case broker goes bust with your hard won money.
    Every person, regardless of experience or capital, has huge potential.

    To those who offer you something:...

    #Can they prove that they can help someone with your level of experience and capital, make significant money? (even if you have none)

    #Do they have a moneyback guarantee if they charge anything?

    #Are they leading you into a promising void or will they coach/mentor you online?

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    I have a doubt no one likes to share their trading strategy to anyone so it is not possible to find a person like this. in my opinion if you are keen to develop your trading strategy consult with your broker he can help you out for the best trading strategy.

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    I would only suggest to learn a system that has been proven to have good results, and I think there is no one system that can promise a 100 percent profit so the profit is only a probability and is a definite loss, to improve a system requires a money menagement which is good because it's the most important thing that can control a trader's psychology is the internal

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    I think our first task should be finding a correct money management and strategy if we do that than we will secure our self and after that creating a method or finding the best way will become really easier but if we don't get a good money management in place than no matter how good a system we plant still it will always come short of good results.

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    an idea which come from an usual marketer, not by trader .. "holy grail". i've been years with fx trading, testing many trading system, sometime I took a glance with several 'holy grail' but to be honest nothing special about it, and i have severe my account move into another broker with different trading plan. latest effort take place with myfxbook autotrade, using my Tickmill account i began in search decent traders signal, pick the lowest drawdown, and take a closer look how exactly expert traders activity. one of them spare their time with me and give a valuable advice and i realize there's no holy grail we can buy, unless we made one.

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