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    Work in Forex Marketiva
    Well and at last Forex Marketiva
    I for a long time jumped aside on a network in search of work. In the first that she was not a cheating, in the second that even there was what that a feedback, and in the third that it was interesting. Has had time to work with Nocs, two times have closed an account from for what that of a deceit, only will collect referrals that for the task paid 2 $ , At once close an account. Can that and not correctly made, but on mine at them it already system. On a site there is a description of work with Nocs to whom interestingly try.
    in general I have stopped on Forex Marketiva : basically certainly from for 5 $ , it is pleasant when it is not necessary to be tormented with remittance, and at once to start to trade, though anything also you do not understand. I do not advise you to risk, can lose 5 $ which to you have presented. Start to trade with 1 $ if that turns out is possible to put also the big sum, but never put all money. Find forums on Forex Marketiva and on Forex , on the Internet it is enough of them, on them it is a lot of that useful it is possible to find. Make a site to collect referrals and advertise it. With referral copecks does not undertake, the company itself pays 1 point from each closed position referral. Also at a set 100 and it is more active working referrals, to you allocate the separate channel in a chat. So be safely registered under the reference.

    We are registered in Forex Marketiva

    Marketiva is dilling the center Forex. Minimum for opening the real account- 1$. At registration to you it is charged 5$ - 2,5$ On Funds, and 2,5 $ on Forex with which at once it is possible to trade. To remove(take off) them it is impossible, as for removal of any sum, 5 $ or 10000 $, the commission 7 $ is raised. On Bank the account: 14 $. Therefore freebies in 5 $ to you to not see a lot. Also there is a protection against repeated registration. To you open the virtual account with 10000 $ , it is better to get the hand all over again of it before to open the real account. The terminal in English, is trading signals, news of the market, Russian chat. That pleases so it is a swap: it is not present for an open position.
    warrants are executed less than for 2 сек, all on one screen, good support, at once it is possible to expose counter warrants, there is no swap at carry next day and the days off. The program will approach for any computer, does not hang. In the steps the broker not Goes, 1 $ a minimum for the beginning the tenders. Work with electronic system E - Gold, E-Dinar, Web Money. After registration open at once two accounts - virtual and real, an opportunity of instant closing of all warrants. Questions answer quickly, even it is lightning, is online support. In the client is traiders a chat (the Russian channel available), it is possible to communicate to the same traders as well as you.
    at Forex Marketiva scanty - a difference in quotations 3 pips, in fact it is necessary also to them to have something and the second, all in English, therefore it is necessary to translate and understand much with their trading terminal.
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