«Private-IF» - is the investment fund you really need. Our Fund specializes on granting of a spectrum of services in Asset Management by the capital of private clients in market Forex. We appreciate our clients and deeply respect the role that our clients play in our success. Consequently, we share a strong commitment to always put the client first.

*Our investors get profit of 6-12 % monthly.

*We have made investment process simple and convenient. Now you can become the investor without experience and with the minimum investments.

* For Our activity we have chosen reliable FOREX TREND Broker!
Proof of the viability of our activity: http://private-investfund.com/index/..._business/0-15



*Minimal deposit in our Fund is only 20 dollars!
*Profit 6-12 % monthly (section "Performance")
*Percent are paid automatically only in the end of a month
*The investment period - Any term of investment (the investor himself chooses the investment period)
*Return of all deposit - At any time by request of the investor

You can independently open the account in the Broker company Forex-Trend and invest in Pamm-accounts specified on our site!
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