Since the financial crisis, the global investors look at China’s every move. Economic data in China in April, the production price index increased by 6.8% per annum (expected to increase 6.5%); retail sales rose an annual rate of 18.5% (expected 18.2%); industrial production rose an annual rate of 17.8% (expected to increase 18.5%).

Most interesting, is China’s consumer price index (CPI), in April increased by 2.8% (expected 2.7% rise in March, up 2.4%), for the 10 months since the high; during the period increased by 12.8% in property prices, new Loan growth was recorded higher than the expected 7,740 billion Yuan. Data reflect the increased inflationary pressure in China, the People’s Bank increased interest rates and promote the future revaluation pressure.
U.S. economy has passed the worst moments

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