The process of entering the currency markets and starting to trade Forex is a fairly simplistic procedure; the difficult part is making money. It really is not complicated if you follow a tried and true formula, but the vast majority of the people entering the markets are doing it on a whim and says to themselves, "if I lose a little money, I will just quit." They absolutely refuse to invest in themselves or the tools they need to become successful. If you are one of them, just click off this article now, I don't want to try and help you at all because you are losers and always will be losers. For the rest of you that are serious about making money trading currencies, if you follow the path presented below I guarantee you that you will be successful and make money trading the Forex markets immediately. In fact after a year or two you will be making a real nice income.

1) Learn Forex Trading:
As with anything the foundation of success is based on knowledge. Do the following and you will be excellently educated when you begin trading and it will not cost you anything to receive the free education. Take a comprehensive online training program which cost in the $100 range. This will provide you an exceptional foundation that you will allow you to build on it. Next enroll in a mentoring program instructed by a professional Forex trader. Here you are going to receive one-on-one training and trading experience. The cost of these is anywhere from $250 to $600. At the end of the course you will start trading with the pro using your own money and you will end up making back the cost of both programs. Now, you have taken the time to learn currency trading and half not spent a cent, on to the next step.

2) Get the Forex Trading System tools you need to compete in the Currency Markets:
You basic requirements regarding a Forex software system are a trend based product and a signal based system. Buy them and learn how they function. Make sure you understand how to program your own specification into the Forex software systems.

3) Open a Demo account at a Forex Brokerage Firm:
Now you have a good education and the software you need to make big bucks. Next open an account at a Forex broker and you will get a free demo account and start practice trading everything you have learned. When you are able to make money over a one month period you are now ready to take it to the next level and use a real money account.

4) It is not a Game; You're here to make Money:
Don't under any circumstances get caught up in the excitement rush trading the Forex markets brings to you. Remember and you must never forget this, you are here only to make money.

5) Cut the number of Forex trades you Make in Half:
After the first month take time to sit back and analysis your trading pattern. I 100% guarantee you that you violated tip #4 above. If you have never traded anything, it will be impossible for you to understand tip #4. You only will appreciate its importance after you start trading. You must learn patience, in order to do that I recommend the second month of trading you reduce the number of trades you made in the first month by 50%. This you make you much more selective and look for better trading and money making opportunities.

If you follow the above steps before and after you start trading Forex you have an excellent chance to make money from the very beginning. If you cheat yourself and skip any of the advice mentioned, well I don't really want to tell you, I told you so, but I will. I told you so, that if you don't invest in yourself and invest in the tools you need to win, you would be a loser and always will be a loser. So you are a loser! Now go back and do it the right way, the way you should have done it the first time.