Is that all you need, how about this weeks winning lottery numbers too while you are asking for the impossible. Guess what, it is NOT impossible, in fact I use a technique like this each and every day. It takes about a half hour of work two times a day, where I simply check one simple indicator and if tells me to buy, I buy and if it tells me to sell, I sell. Nothing could be more uncomplicated to trade with than this method. This is not how I first was able to learn Forex trading, but it defiantly is the least complicated approach I have undertaken that I have ever been able to make good consistent profits each month with.

I am sure you are under the impression it was developed with years of training in the currency markets, nope. Maybe by some mathematical genus who spent years developing complicated algorithms, not even close. Then it had to be a large international bank that traded in the markets since the turn of the century, your getting colder.

You're never going to believe this, the person who found out this little secret had no experience at all in the currency markets, no mathematical expertise nor were they connected with any international financial institution. In fact, they had lost there job, due to mandatory retirement and were simply looking for something to do to occupy there time. Why they choose to start investing in the FX markets is beyond me, but they did. And after years of trying everything under the sun to make a little money they stumbled onto the simplest most consistent procedures I have ever found to make money in the currency markets.

This scheme of trading the currency markets has been around for a few years now and has an almost cult following from the people that have taken time to learn it and trade with it. They swear by it, and when I heard the first one tell me about it I could not believe it and told them so. Well, let me tell you, did I get an ear full telling me I had no idea what I was talking about and until I tried it I just needed to shut up and stop making a fool out of myself. With that level of conviction what choice did I have but go give it a whirl. And to my amazement it worked, in fact it has worked so well that I now sound like the person who first told me about it, telling people to shut up if they have not tried it.

The Forex educational course this is taught in is named Forex Made E-Z. This is not a comprehensive currency training class that teaches you everything about the FX markets, it only instructs you on this one simple trading method. If you have time to check it out I am sure you will be just as happy as it as I am. At least I hope you will.