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    Default Trader with a Strategy

    Successful trading is by no means a small matter. This takes time, knowledge, understanding and a good level of self-control. ACM does not have an account, nor give advice on the market, it was the work of fund managers and brokers presentation. Like the industry, we can show the right direction and the novice to indicate the correct tactical considerations and trading as well as foolish to avoid.

    Anyone who says that you can all the time earning money in foreign exchange markets is not trustworthy. The foreign exchange market is by nature a volatile market. The practice of carrying out operations through margin increases this volatility. This is known as a 'fast market' which is naturally irregular. If we follow this precept, it is logical to say that for a successful transaction, the dealer must take into consideration the fundamental and technical data and make an informed decision based on his perception of the market trend and market expectations . Wait for the right moment to perform an operation is probably the most important variable for success in trading, but invariably, the merchant may not always be there at the right time. Do not expect to generate a profit on each transaction.

    Let the list of what a trader is likely to put its side and make operations profitable

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    Default Risk aversion strategy...

    It seems like with Forex, it would be helpful to have a good "risk aversion" strategy.

    Obviously you dont to make a bunch of money and then lose it all.

    Is anyone aware of a good book on this topic?

    You could probably use strategies designed for gambling if you wanted.

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    A good trader creates his own strategy, even if it is based on someone else's strategy, you can repeat a copy.

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    A good successful trader uses his own strategy or such strategy which are often used in market to earn profit out of invested capital. Strategy may fail or may succeed, if its a success then a new strategy is introduced in market where other can also use it.

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