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    Lightbulb FAT-Engine Trade boot

    WARNING: This only MT4/MT5 Trading Platform !

    Welcome experienced traders!

    I will not hide from you the following: what is FAT?
    is a four way check what it is more: suppose we track certain currency pair (EURUSD for example).
    In order to determine the movement of prices, you also need to keep track of all the combination with EUR and all combinations with USD,
    this means that we should check the movement of the EUR in the following currency pairs:

    (there may be more...)

    and also we should check the movement the following currency pairs USD:

    My robot automatically at startup determines trading tools (active/inactive) and builds a table of price movement for analysis for global growth/decline.
    Please compile only in the old trade terminal (file "gct4setup.exe" attached from Tracer-project)-why?
    -Yes because in the new trade terminal make the protection code from decompiling into an executable file any stitches EX4-s_h_i_t and my script can start to fail.
    Where can you run this script?: in the trading terminal MT4/MT5 at 5 and 4-x signs after the author advises to run the script in the terminals,
    working with trading signals Forex broker with fixed spread!

    Time-frame does not matter.
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    the trading terminal has a window with active currency pairs (usually it is located on the left side)-the principle that the robot will work only with those pairs that are active in this window and/or row 101 source.

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