Season 3 of Rainbow Six Siege is nearly upon us... well, at least the reveal is, and lovers are going crazy with theories about what the future may bring into the strategic shooter. With the recent Ghost Recon Wildlands event that combines the two worlds together into one game Buy R6 credits, some think they might have figured out who the next new operator for Siege would be... also it could be a Wildlands favorite.

The speculation sparked on the Rainbow Six Siege subreddit and from there it has spread like wildfire. With Season 3 signaling the 10th growth for the online name, the hint which Anthony"Tony" Perryman (most commonly known as Nomad) could be joining the Siege roster caught on quite quickly.

We know there are two new operators now being revealed here soon for Season 3 and we know one of these is in Delta Force (or in this situation, formerly of Delta Force).

For those that are super into the lore, you may be wondering why Ubisoft wouldn't just put him in the game as a standard Recon member, because technically he's no longer a part of Delta Force. There is a bit of a wire crossing difficulty here, because this means that if this theory proves true - Ubisoft is playing with the background of these characters. Though to be fair, it wouldn't be the first time the dev team messed about with backstories.

The largest indicator however is the latest Wildlands growth, which Official Website naturally brings the tea out of Rainbow Six Siege into the game. With Easter Eggs hidden throughout the whole new narrative, this newly enlarged shared universe could mean huge things - and even bigger things for Nomad himself.

The theories regarding this hop did not stop at just the simple truth of the crossover and the Delta Force connection. To read even more of the speculation - some of it pretty wild - you can check out the entire thread here.